Simple solutions for complex times.

In short.

We’re a Scandinavian based consultancy & startup incubator with a small team of bright people, dotted around the world. Our sole purpose is to craft simple solutions for the complicated scenarios that businesses are faced with in these fast times.

We build & share knowledge through journeys into the unknown, friendships forged and new experiences. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

What we do.


We don’t know what we don’t know. So the first stage in any project is to find out what we’re dealing with. Depending on the scope of this stage we either handle this internally or alongside a specialised creative research partner company in order to discover the deep insights needed to build simpler solutions.


Once we’ve discovered the opportunities we can lay out how to take things forward in easily manageable plans. The plans would normally be deployed within a management system to help companies easily implement.


Problems can be complicated but solutions cannot. We set out to build strong connections through simple solutions. Our solutions are medium agnostic and range from apps & events, to workshops & print work. The aim is to create the simplest solution possible.


Simple ideas are easily understood. Ideas that are understood get replicated and spread. When ideas spread they have the power to change the world.



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