Bakkt Holdings, Inc. is an American corporation listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company operates a technology platform that enables consumers, businesses, and institutions to unlock the value of digital assets.

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Products and services

The platform includes a digital wallet, where consumers can view and transact with their digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, loyalty and rewards points, airline miles, and gift cards. Bakkt platform architecture is scalable and agile enough to quickly support additional digital assets.

About the business

Bakkt’s mission is to power commerce by reimagining the digital asset ecosystem. Under Bakkt’s B2B2C business model, the company plans to grow its user base through platform and channel integrations with strategic business partners. Examples include Starbucks, whose customers can monetise digital assets such as Bitcoin using the Bakkt App and load the value onto their Starbucks Cards.


In August 2018, Intercontinental Exchange announced it was forming a new company, Bakkt, which was intended to leverage Microsoft online servers to manage digital assets. Two years later, Bakkt announced a new all-time high for trade volume in physically delivered Bitcoin futures contracts. On September 15, 2020, this figure amounted to 15,955 BTC (more than $200 million at the time of announcement).

About the owners and the team

Operating in the United States of America, Bakkt has roughly 300 employees managed by CEO Gavin Michael.


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