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Total Family Management (TFM) offers a turn-key family office solution for governance and dynamics, supporting clients beyond the financial balance sheet. TFM’s coaches and proprietary software help individuals, households, and families find alignment, build trust, practice social fitness, and improve communication. This approach leads to a unified vision and a shared language, laying a solid foundation for collective family decision-making. The ‘TFM Essentials’ program is tailored for active lifestyles, offering private virtual workshops and specialized software to reinforce key principles of alignment, trust, and communication.

As a versatile governance partner, TFM not only provides professional coaching and software for capturing family legacies but also offers extensive marketing and messaging support. This includes co-branded thought leadership opportunities for Multi-Family Offices (MFOs). These services enhance both internal and client communication, as well as bolster sales efforts.


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Guided by connection, authenticity, support, hope, and humor, TFM strives to enhance your family's social fitness, proactively strengthening long-term relationships and happiness.
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TFM believes every family deserves to have healthy, happy, and connected relationships. They offer ongoing 90-minute virtual family coaching workshops led by experienced and empathetic coaches who are experts in social well-being. The workshops are designed to help heads of households define their family's success and strengthen the foundation of their relationships.

Dedicated coach

TFM provides a dedicated family coach to help family leaders have guided conversations about their vision, values, and game plans for the most important aspects of their lives. With ongoing 90-minute virtual family coaching workshops, TFM offers modern and convenient support for discussing the things that matter most.


TFM provides families with workshops that cover important topics such as roles, Values, the future, children, and communication. The ongoing agendas are driven by family leaders, with TFM coaches in the passenger seat, and designed to help heads of households define success for their own families.


TFM’s proprietary software platform helps families stay on track, schedule, and keep their family office informed. The software allows families to keep a digital record of their entire journey, stored in one place.

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Towson, Maryland


United States of America


Owned by management


Multi-family offices

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Individual wealth owners, Single family offices, Multi-family offices, Investment & Financial Advisors (RIAs/IFAs)

We work with a number of high profile multi-family offices in the United States, but do not disclose specific references without discussion

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