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Digital Due Diligence

USA based Company, DiligenceVault is a cloud-based digital due diligence ecosystem that connects investor clients with their asset managers through a secure platform to manage due diligence and information exchange flows. This platform solves the outdated manual data collection process that traditionally relied heavily on paper documents, spreadsheets, email threads, and repetitive requests. We bring transparency, efficiency and time savings to the marketplace by delivering a superior data-driven diligence experience to the investment management industry.

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Digital Due Diligence

Developed in the USA, Diligend offers streamlined due diligence and monitoring processes across all asset classes through digitization and automation. Through their platform, they facilitate time-saving analysis, collaboration and the structuring and centralization of data for investors, consultants and fund managers.

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DiligenceVault was founded in 2014 by Monel Amin, who was previously the Head of Liquid Investments, Alternative Assets, and Investment Risks at Citi.

About the owners and the team

Monel Amin, Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Board Member, owns and operates the company.

Founded in 2018 by Wissem Souissi.

The company is owned by Wissem Souissi and backed by Jabbar Internet Group.


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