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Established in 1999, ALENA is a multifamily office in Belgium, formed by an active group of private investors who bring their business acumen to the company’s management. Registered with the National Bank of Belgium since February 2000, ALENA provides independent, integrated wealth management services. Catering to a select clientele comprising mainly individuals, family groups, and institutions, the firm combines personal investment experience with professional financial management, aiming for comprehensive client service.


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About Alena

ALENA, a well-established multi-family office based in Brussels, Belgium, has been serving a limited number of clients since its founding in 1999. With a focus on tailored portfolio management and investment advice, ALENA is dedicated to providing independent wealth management services. Their clientele primarily includes individuals, families, and institutional investors. Situated in the heart of Europe, ALENA offers a trusted and bespoke approach to meet the unique needs of their discerning clients.

  • Board

    Paul Delahaut

    Guy Borgerhoff

    Paul Lippens

    Jean Medernach

    Li Min Choi

    Benoît Delahaut

  • Executive Committee

    Benoît Delahaut

    Li Min Choi

    Laurent Boels

    Mireille Mevo

    Miradain Atontsa

    Walter Verhaeghe

    Natacha Gabriel

    Ysaline Van Zelst

What sets Alena apart

Alena sets itself apart with a comprehensive, personalised service for its clients. Services include asset management, estate planning, and portfolio management, all paired with professional investment advice. Alena also offers financial engineering and consulting, aiding clients in optimising their investment, divestment, and financing operations, with an integrated approach that considers financial, tax, and legal dimensions. Furthermore, Alena defends and represents client interests in a fiduciary framework, leveraging their market-recognised authority and professionalism.

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