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Arabella Family Office is a family office that offers comprehensive and personalised services, including administrative, management, legal, and taxation advice. With a strong emphasis on complex asset structures, the firm is dedicated to providing holistic solutions that align with the unique needs of each family. Arabella’s team of experts work closely with their clients to develop tailored strategies that integrate their personal needs and assets. The firm’s global network comprises renowned banks, tax consultants, law firms, and family offices, which enables them to offer a broad range of services to clients.


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What sets Arabella Family Office apart

Arabella Family Office AG distinguishes itself by offering comprehensive and personalised family office services, including administrative, management, and legal and taxation advice, to clients with complex asset structures. The firm takes an integrated view of clients’ assets and personal needs, and works closely with a strong network of experts in various sectors, including renowned banks, tax consultants, law firms, and family offices. Additionally, Arabella Family Office AG has contacts in the venture industry, allowing them to bring opportunities to their clients.

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