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Bergos Fleming AG is a joint multi-family office established in Zurich by Bergos Berenberg AG and R.J. Fleming & Cie Scsp. Combining the expertise of Bergos Berenberg, with roots in one of Europe’s oldest private banks, and R.J. Fleming’s extensive experience in international asset management, the firm offers comprehensive services for large family fortunes. Bergos Fleming AG provides solutions for family governance issues, strategic asset allocation, controlling and monitoring services, and support for clients in international corporate finance transactions, making it a versatile and globally-operating multi-family office.


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What sets Bergos Fleming apart

Bergos Fleming AG sets itself apart as a multi-family office that combines the long-standing heritage of Bergos Berenberg and R.J. Fleming’s international expertise in asset management. Their joint venture enables them to offer comprehensive, platform-agnostic services for large family fortunes. With a focus on family governance, strategic asset allocation, controlling, monitoring, and support in international corporate finance transactions, Bergos Fleming AG stands out as a versatile and globally-operating family office.

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