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Biltmore Family Office

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Multi-family office

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Founded in 2008 by Chris Cecil, Biltmore Family Office provides specialised wealth management services for families possessing generational wealth in North Carolina and Florida. Governed by steadfast core values, they prioritise client satisfaction and responsible stewardship of legacy wealth. The firm’s dedication lies in the sustainability of their clients’ families, not the scalability of their own operation. Biltmore Family Office is committed to preparing future generations for responsible and respectful wealth management; their clients’ success is their ultimate measure of success.


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About Biltmore Family Office

Biltmore Family Office is an independent, collaborative family office that is registered with the SEC. Serving investment-oriented multi-generational families, their mission is to foster collaboration between the families' intellectual capital and the best investment, wealth planning, and family office advice available. Their unique culture and structure facilitate enduring partnerships between family clients, partners, and professionals, ensuring a comprehensive approach to wealth management and planning.

  • Executive Committee

    Chris Cecil

    Mike Farrell

    Nikki Gokey

    Rael Gorelick

What sets Biltmore Family Office apart

Biltmore Family Office distinguishes itself through its commitment to transparency, collaboration, and independent partnership governance. It places a higher standard of conduct, fiduciary trust, and accountability than most financial firms. Unlike traditional institutions, it values intergenerational learning and human capital growth over scalability. Biltmore offers a unique balance sheet framework, incorporating wealth transfer, tax planning, family governance, and education. Its primary focus lies in providing sensible, customised stewardship of generational wealth to ensure enduring family legacies.

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