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Formue, established in 2000, is a prominent Nordic wealth management company with operations in both Sweden and Norway. Boasting over 350 dedicated professionals, the firm offers advisory services and manages NOK 128 billion (~$12 billion) in assets for its clients. Under the leadership of CEO Øystein Bø, Formue unifies its activities under a single brand name, reflecting its proud history and commitment to delivering exceptional results beyond the return on capital under management for its clients across the region.


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What sets Formue apart

Formue sets itself apart by prioritising clients’ needs and offering tailored wealth management solutions. The firm’s approach fosters strong, long-term relationships and focuses on preserving and developing clients’ wealth. By providing a framework and direction, Formue’s wealth managers collaborate effectively with clients to create value together, ensuring their financial objectives are met while maintaining a commitment to exceptional service and long-lasting partnerships.

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