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Golden Equator Wealth is a Singapore-based multi-family office specialising in private wealth management and succession planning. Established in response to changing client expectations following the 2008 financial crisis, the firm offers personalised, independent investment, legacy planning, and business advice. Emphasising enduring relationships founded on integrity, trust, and continuity, they provide tailored family advisory services, investment management, and a unique approach to understanding clients’ financial goals. Their commitment to client interests and a synergistic ecosystem of complementary businesses sets them apart as a trusted family office adviser.


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What sets Golden Equator Wealth apart

What sets Golden Equator Wealth apart is its commitment to long-lasting relationships, independence, transparency, and professional expertise. They focus on family alignment and harmony, empowering clients to create a positive impact. Additionally, they offer an immersive programme for the next generation to ensure intergenerational success. Being a subsidiary of Golden Equator Group, they benefit from a synergistic ecosystem encompassing finance and innovation, building the future through Capital and Community.

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