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HELMS Family Office and Asset Management is a Swiss-based, specialised Multi-Family Office and Alternative Asset Manager. They operate as partners with clients, valuing long-term relationships built on trust and mutual respect. With a non-traditional approach to investment, HELMS emphasises fluidity and adaptation to the ever-changing financial climate. Their robust strategies prioritise risk management and offer diversified perspectives, designed to withstand socio-economic changes. Leveraging their specialist team, cutting-edge technology, and market insights, they provide innovative, transparent investment solutions for private, institutional, and corporate clients.


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What sets Helms Family Office apart

With a distinctive proficiency in handling the unique complexities of Family Offices, HELMS Family Office and Asset Management stands out for its tailored approach to wealth management and structuring solutions. Their extensive global experience with both first-generation and multigenerational families, from diverse industries, allows them to anticipate client needs effectively. Their dedicated team specialises in building, preserving, and structuring wealth for ultra-wealthy families, ensuring the seamless transfer of family values and heritage to succeeding generations.

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