Three ways for family offices to attract better investment opportunities

Families need to work harder to attract the best people, partners and investment opportunities. With family offices gaining in popularity, this means that on various levels families will soon need to up their game. Here's how they can do this.
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Investments Updated on October 21, 2022

Today we’re seeing a rapid rise in the popularity of family office investments as an alternative to venture capital. With this comes a new generation of entrepreneurs and startups who are often looking for far more from their investors than just investment capital.

These individuals, organisations, and groups are interviewing investors as much as investors are interviewing them. The business of it all extends beyond financial objectives to softer factors such as shared chemistry, values, aligned visions, and transparency. All of this to ensure not only a fit that looks good on paper but also one that adds value to both parties throughout the lifetime of the partnership.

With this shift pushing towards becoming ”the new normal” in future investment landscapes, if your family office is to continue attracting the best possible investments, it will, on various levels, need to up its game. Here are three tips to consider when contemplating how to find the best family office investment opportunities.

Be clearly positioned

When it comes to investments, it’s essential to be top-of-mind when people are considering to whom to offer their opportunities. For this reason, it helps to ensure that your family and family office occupies a clear positioning within the industry or focus area you’d like to operate.

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