The unique governance challenge of mixed culture families
Globalisation has seen the world become a global village. In this global village, a new complexity has arisen especially for families of wealth –that being the complexity of interfaith, intercultural, and interracial marriages. We explore what happens when working with families with diverse heritage.
Family Governance Challenges
Governance Updated on October 21, 2022

Amidst the war and conflict of our world, love has allowed people from different cultures and creeds to be joined through marriage. Everyone loves a good love story. It’s what makes the world go round. However, as we have recently seen through the British Royal Family, love can cause a well-established family institution to reflect and also be affected by the change in a turbulent way.

The case of Harry and Meghan

The British royal family was rocked by the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, which sparked many discussions of the intricacies of mixed culture families. As with most families, there is no right or wrong and many are doing the best they can in a situation where they are faced with unknown territory.

For all intents and purposes we know this family well – it is a family of vast wealth that is multi-generational and has upheld its values and vision and managed the family business for centuries. Like any other family of wealth, its members have had the opportunity to travel the world and meet new people. Yet what has remained steady and constant, is the commitment of the members to uphold the family values and maintain the family business.

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Tsitsi Mutendi

Tsitsi Mutendi

Succession & governance

Tsitsi is an award-winning entrepreneur and consultant for family business and offices. As a third-generation family business owner, Tsitsi has extensive experience in international business and family business dynamics.

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