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Level up your operations with family office technology


Technology is crucial for family offices in order to automate and optimise data, which can help with transparency, better decision-making opportunities, and better data security. Not only can technology provide access to real-time data, but family offices can track overall wealth and assist with an outsourcing strategy.

family office technology

Common family office technology challenges and how to resolve them


When compared with multi-client organisations, family offices often face more challenges when selecting and implementing technology. And when it comes to technology to leverage their processes and operations, they need to navigate issues such as systems’ complexity, consistency or cost.

fiduciary holding structures

An introduction to fiduciary holding structures


Fiduciary holding structures can be useful to wealthy families. Here’s a brief overview of these structures and some of the advantages of owning assets through trusts and foundations.

family business transition

Family business transition: The case for transformational family businesses


For families to thrive beyond generations, transitioning is vital. And a successful family business transition comes from transforming an enterprise through connections, collaboration and collectively gaining clarity.

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