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Petro Lucrum, Inc., a Houston-based generational Single Family Office (SFO) manages a diverse investment portfolio spanning various asset classes, with a historical focus on energy and technology investments.

Professional Summary:

  • We are a 4 generation single-family office (SFO) that invests across the asset classes while being anchored in energy and technology, onshore USA.
  • Integrated through direct investments, mergers, and acquisitions.
  • Diversifying generationally using alternative investments.

About The Company:

  • Petro Lucrum, Inc. embodies a multigenerational legacy in wealth creation across sectors like oil and gas, real estate, and ranching.
  • Today, they strategically invest across diverse asset classes with a historical foundation in energy and technology.
  • They utilize direct investments, mergers, acquisitions, and alternative investments for long-term prosperity.
  • Petro Lucrum’s expertise has steered them through energy and real estate complexities, emphasizing responsible and sustainable practices.

Investment Criteria:

  • Operating business with consistent cash flow and upside to grow.

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