No man is an island.

We team up with some of the best


If you want to partner up with us or perhaps have a venture where you feel we could contribute value. Get in touch.

We firmly believe in focussing on what we do best – crafting simple solutions. In order to achieve this we partner up with some of the best companies out there for design, technology & research.


Design & Technology
Tw.  —  Fb.  —  Lnkd.


Creative Research
Fb.  —  Lnkd.

Union Productions

Film Productions


Sometimes we also team up with new ventures, where we take a longer term view when we feel we can contribute more than what a single project allows for. These we call ventures.

Icon Villas

Creative Direction + Strategy
Ins.  —  Fb.  —  Lnkd.

South & Sons

Creative Direction + Strategy
Ins.  —  Fb.


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