The Family Office Market Playbook: Software and Technology Service Providers

If you're a software vendor or technology provider looking to expand into the family office market, this playbook will help you better understand this relationship and the needs of potential clients and users.

What will you find in this playbook?

Our playbooks package our deep family office industry knowledge & research in a relevant and easy-to-use 30-page format for dynamic software and technology providers.

Software and Tech for Family Offices

A look at the common needs, pain points and opportunities when dealing with tech for family offices.

Family Office Operations

Family offices vary greatly. Understanding a family’s needs and breaking down your services to match their organisation is the key to success.

Family Office Services

Some family offices move slower than others when adopting new tech. Prepare yourself to be in it for the long haul.

Family Office Security Expectations

Depending on their jurisdiction, a family office could have any number of security and privacy requirements that service providers need to meet.

Onboarding New Asset Classes

Forward-thinking family offices need to keep up with the emerging asset classes (digital assets and crypto to name a few) and their tech stack must do the same.

The Family Office Technology Stack

A look at how software and technology service providers can integrate their services into a family office’s existing technology stack while keeping pace with economic, investing, and operational changes.