For Spier Wines

Making friends

Working alongside the family-owned, South African wine brand, Spier, we embarked on a series of research projects, events & activations to connect with Danish wine lovers and share what Spier is about.

Spier is one of the oldest,  South African wine brands and a family business, but their heritage & values were largely unknown within Denmark – while being their biggest market. To help start sharing more about the farm we embarked with on several projects to understand more about Danes and their relationship with wine and more specifically Spier.

After several research projects, we connected with different creative groups and hosted a series of events. These included experiential dinners, wine tastings, informal get-togethers, sponsoring some gallery openings and even putting some wine-bikes on the road.


To bring together a group of photographers, we asked food- & lifestyle photographer, Chris Tonnesen @chrisopandertonnesen to host a dinner. This was held in the studio he works from and the entire experiential meal was inspired by photography. From Instagram starters, to black&white mains, to polaroid deserts.


South African architects, Justine & Jonas Djernes Bell hosted a group of friends from creative industries in their home. The food was a South African inspired menu paired with a selection of Spier wines.

The last skate

To end off the summer we hung out with a group of skateboarders on Jarmers Plads, and had some wine after an afternoon of skating.

The last skate Jarmers Plads

To become a wine brand that Danes can take ownership of.

Gallery openings

To share the story of Spier’s connection to the arts, we also got involved with sponsoring several gallery openings and art events. The wine for these events were delivered using Butchers & Bicycle’s cargo bikes wrapped in some original South African artworks. 

Galleries & events included amongst others Les Gens Heureux, Galleri Susanne Ottesen, Søren Solkær’s studio launch and the VIP lounge at the CODE art fair.

The 2017
CODE art fair


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