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Design is a fundamental part of our everyday lives, from the furniture we use in our homes, to the digital products and services we make use as part of our work. With the power to engage people, challenge perspectives, and create ideas that change the world, explore how design can be leveraged for business operations.
Family Office Design

Design is a practice as old as time itself. Since the invention of the axe during the prehistoric era, engineering and design have been used to create solutions that improve lives and ensure livelihoods. The modern-day conception of design and how this is being operationalized within business, however, is a new frontier. The worlds of design and private wealth have a long-standing and unique relationship. From the private art collections of the Rockefeller family to real-estate being a staple of many families’ portfolios, private wealth owners are no strangers to the importance of design.

But how might we widen our perception of design and how it can be operationalized within business strategies within family offices? Exploring service design and design thinking allows organizations to be at the forefront of a new business movement. We guide family offices through the process using design to rethink existing processes and investments, to the creation of new offerings and legacy projects. We explore how to optimize real-estate investments through design, yielding both financial and environmental benefits.

Further, as design forms a fundamental part of branding, we guide families through the journey of establishing a visual identity that is authentic and reflective of the values the families hold. We create a compelling visual story which allows family offices to position themselves as market leaders within their field.

Our design experts

Jacob Lindblad

Jacob Lindblad


Jacob is a curious individual that enjoys exploring the intricacies of different projects.

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Design driven companies have outperformed the S&P Index by 219% over 10 years.

The 2015 Design Value Index, Design Management Institute

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