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Prepare for future generations with Simple's innovative family office advisory offering. Our bespoke solutions combine best practice with the latest thinking, ensuring your legacy can thrive in today's fast-changing world.

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Simple acts as a promoter for various companies and receives a fee for referrals to relevant service providers. Detailed disclosures are available on individual company listings.

““You helped us better understand our target market and fine-tune our offerings.””

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Family Office Technology, Ideal Client Profile

1. ICP Development: Tailored strategies from concept to execution

Improve client acquisition with our expert ICP (Ideal Client Profile) development service. We guide the discovery process to help gain a deeper understanding into various customer segments and their buying behaviour. Our team of experienced technology leaders can support the entire process from defining the initial concept to drafting a comprehensive strategy.

2. Market Analysis for Private Equity Transactions: Accelerated insights leveraging our unique data

Benefit from our unique insights and proprietary market data for private equity transactions. We provide rapid, comprehensive market analysis, enabling you to make informed decisions swiftly and confidently. With us, not only do you gain access to expert analysis, but you also leverage our speed, turning market understanding into a competitive advantage.

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Family Office Market Analysis
Mystery Shopper, Sales Analysis

3. Mystery Shopper: Evaluating your services through the lens of a family office

An increasing number of technology vendors are honing their offerings based on direct insights from their target audience. Our expertise in executing mystery shopper projects provides you with invaluable feedback, allowing for improved service delivery and seamless user experience.

4. Marketing Strategy & Brand Development: Empowering vendors to reach and resonate with family offices

Prepare for a new level of market engagement with our marketing strategy and brand development services. We simplify the intricacies of crafting effective marketing strategies and developing a strong brand, delivering cohesive plans that enable technology vendors to better connect with family offices.

Family Office Technology, Marketing Strategy
Organizational Development

5. Business and Organizational Work: Assisting vendors in enhancing efficiency & effectiveness

Leverage our expertise in business and organizational development work to optimize your operations. From process improvement to workforce management, we help identify, compare, evaluate, and partner with best practices. Working with us makes it simpler, faster, and less risky to enhance efficiency and boost your organization’s overall performance