Why Simple?

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Welcome to Simple (“and simple” or fondly just referred to as “simple”). Why? Simply to create simpler solutions for the complex times we live in.

A Journey

The simple idea was formed whilst on a personal journey of simplification that made me realize – simplification is what we all look for in both work and life. The reason? Simple ideas are easier to understand, when people understand ideas, they spread easier – and ideas that spread are embraced, copied, repeated  – and change the world.

The more digitally driven our society becomes, the more people will disconnect and gravitate towards what’s tangible.

François Botha

Simple solutions for complex times

+simple is not only a brand, but a motto we live by, and something to check everything we do against. We set out to create simple solutions. Where possible the most simple solution that will solve your business problem best. These solutions are sometimes internal, sometimes external, sometimes digital, and sometimes real “oldschool” offline stuff. Every project starts with the question – “What is the simplest way we can solve this problem?”

Made for international alliances

For the last 10 years, our team has been spread out all over the world, allowing us the freedom to explore, learn and solve our clients’ problems using the best solutions from all over the world. We don’t do this alone but align with an established network of the most talented people.

Perfection is not when there’s nothing left to add but when there’s nothing left to take away.

The road ahead

Perfect simplicity is a something like nirvana, inner peace, a perfectly clear mind or self actualisation. Seemingly unattainable, but every time we go through a process of simplifying, we get closer to this ideal. To the hundreds of clients, teams and projects I have worked with over the years, I have one dream and that is to strive toward simplicity. I look forward to embarking on this journey with you. F.


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