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Prepare for future generations with Simple's innovative family office advisory offering. Our bespoke solutions combine best practice with the latest thinking, ensuring your legacy can thrive in today's fast-changing world.
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“Your service helped us understand the provider landscape and to find the right vendor.”

Head of a large US Single Family Office.

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1. Family office formation: Best practice from concept to execution

Venture into the realm of setting up a family office with the help of our comprehensive family office formation service. We guide beneficial owners through every step from defining the concept then drafting a master plan before helping with the implementation — Transforming your vision into a robust, fully operational family office.

2. Multi-family office: Helping family office managers set up a family office to serve wealth owners.

Prepare for a new dimension of wealth management with our multi-family office formation services. We streamline the complexities of designing and setting up multiple family offices, delivering cohesive strategies and business plans that cover everything from technology to compensation to enable family office managers start-up and minimise risk.

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3. Opening a family office to new clients: Transitioning from single to multi-family office

An increasing number of single-family offices are opening parts of their offering to other families. Our expertise in transitioning from a single to a multi-family office is tailored to ensure seamless integration, from concept to functional strategies and implementation.

4. Service provider selection and RFPs: Helping family offices find the right vendors & service providers

Leverage our knowledge in service provider selection and running Requests for Proposals (RFPs). From family office technology to various other key services, we help identify compare, evaluate and partner with the best service providers. Working with us makes it easier, faster and less risky to find the right partners that can enhance efficiency and boost your family office’s operational prowess.

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Delivered by our team of experienced advisors.

Our advisory team has deep insights and decades of market experience on all the areas that we advise on.

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