Digital Assets In 2024: A Strategic Approach For Family Offices


Tune in as we look at the rapidly evolving world of digital assets through the family office lens. We’ll dive into the key points that family offices should know in 2024 and our experts will share their perspective on the space, with advice for family offices on taking a strategic approach to get more involved.



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Family offices looking to diversify can’t ignore the unique potential that digital assets provide as an investment opportunity. Join our webinar where our selection of experienced panelists will share their insights to give a comprehensive overview of the current digital assets landscape in 2024 and look at strategic approaches for family offices in the space.






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At Simple, we publish exploratory insights and ready-to-use guides with input from a network of experts, as well as family office success stories. To help benchmark and streamline family office operations, we also produce reflective and in-depth reviews of industry segments, asset classes, regions, and global shifts and trends.

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selecting family office technology

6 steps to selecting family office technology


Traversing the sometimes confusing and time-consuming task of family office technological improvement is a challenge that needs a process. Here are the six stages you can use as a guide to help make this determination, circumvent analysis paralyses, and make impactful improvements.

family office outsourcing

Introduction to outsourcing for family offices


From accessing specialised expertise to improving efficiency and reducing costs, outsourcing offers numerous benefits to family offices. Read our latest insight to learn more about the functions they outsource, the benefits and drawbacks, and key considerations for a successful outsourcing experience.

family office technology

Level up your operations with family office technology


Technology is crucial for family offices in order to automate and optimise data, which can help with transparency, better decision-making opportunities, and better data security. Not only can technology provide access to real-time data, but family offices can track overall wealth and assist with an outsourcing strategy.

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Through our webinars, experts and other professionals are exploring different aspects of family office operations and strategies. Choose the topic of your interest and access recordings of our previous webinars.

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Jimmy Otterdijks

Jimmy Otterdijks

Jimmy focuses on experiential pilots for both family offices and service providers as part of our business dev and partnerships team.

Dave Chin

Dave Chin

Dave is part of our business dev and partnerships team and leads our paid lead-gen offers.

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