Looking ahead to 2023: What does this year hold for family offices?

25th of January, 17:00 GMT +1

What key signals should family offices keep on their radar in 2023? Tune in to hear what our expert panel has to say.

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Our first webinar for the year will be focused on looking ahead to 2023 and what family offices should be thinking about to best guide their thinking. Join us as we look at this year’s global signals and hear our expert panel discuss how these shifts might affect the market.

The discussion will be moderated by Simple’s own Simon Lockett, who will be joined by:

  • Ba Minuzzi, founder and CEO of UMANA
  • Liza Chong, CEO of the Index Project
  • Elliot Hughes, Senior Government Relations and Public Affairs Advisor

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At Simple, we publish exploratory insights and ready-to-use guides with input from a network of experts, as well as family office success stories. To help benchmark and streamline family office operations, we also produce reflective and in-depth reviews of industry segments, asset classes, regions, and global shifts and trends.

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Simon Lockett

Simon Lockett

Simon is our United States business director with years of experience working with family offices.

Jimmy Otterdijks

Jimmy Otterdijks

Jimmy focuses on experiential pilots for both family offices and service providers as part of our business dev and partnerships team.

Dave Chin

Dave Chin

Dave is part of our business dev and partnerships team and leads our paid lead-gen offers.

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