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Benaiah Capital Benaiah Capital

United States of America
Crypto & Blockchain Fund Manager, Digital Assets & Currencies

Benaiah Capital is a boutique investment firm founded in 2021 that is focused exclusively on wealth management strategies in the digital asset market.

FundWealth Management

Ethic Ethic

United States of America
Consolidated Reporting, Data Aggregation, Fund & External Asset Manager, Impact & ESG, Portfolio Management, Reporting, Technology provider

Ethic works with families and wealth advisors to create custom equity portfolios that can be tailored to unique values, tax preferences, and financial goals.

Ability to WhitelabelCustom Reports AdvisoryAsset ManagementManagementMeasurementReportingResearch

Overlay Capital Overlay Capital

United States of America
Fund & External Asset Manager

Overlay Capital invests at the intersection of private markets and sustainability, offering investment products that span the spectrum from innovation to infrastructure.


Impact Partners Impact Partners

Impact & ESG, Impact Funds or Deal Platform

Impact Partners is Europe’s first impact investing platform. It aligns its portfolio with the United Nations’ SDG with the goal of innovating a sustainable capitalism.

Asset ManagementCommunication

Carta Carta

United Kingdom
Fund & External Asset Manager, Investment platform, Technology provider

Carta is the easiest way to launch your VC investments via SPVs or VC Funds - all your back office is integrated into a single platform.

Banking ProvidersFull Multi-Currency SupportMobile App

Concentric Concentric

Fund & External Asset Manager

Concetric partners with sector-defining founders to create new technologies that disrupt the status quo and solve the problems that matter.


Novus Capital Partners Novus Capital Partners

United States of America
Fund & External Asset Manager

Novus Capital Partners is an asset management and hedge fund company that runs fintech + trading strategies, packaged together into fund structures. Our main focus are FX markets.

Wright Partners Wright Partners

Fund & External Asset Manager

Wright Partners build risk-aligned, investable ventures with corporates and single family offices.

Mousse Partners

New York City
Fund & External Asset Manager

Mousse Partners is a private investment focusing on making long-term investments in high-growth companies across a range of industries.

Cherng Family Trust

Los Angeles
Fund & External Asset Manager

Cherng Family Trust is the multi-billion dollar single-family office investment firm of the founders of Panda Express, based in Los Angeles, California.

Royalty Exchange

United States of America

Royalty Exchange is the largest, most trusted, market for royalty investing. The company offers royalty assets from all forms of intellectual property and all investment sizes.

Wecken & Cie

Fund & External Asset Manager

Fireman Capital Partner

United States of America
Fund & External Asset Manager

Fireman Capital Partners is a private equity firm specialising in buyouts and growth equity based in Massachusetts.

KCK Family investment fund

New York City
Fund & External Asset Manager

KCK Group is a private investment firm that manages a number of investment funds, including the KCK Family Investment Fund.

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