Ethic works with large philanthropic families to deeply understand the family’s impact goals across generations, translate these goals to Ethic pillars, map to relevant data sources, ultimately bringing their equity investments in line with the issues the family seeks to address.

The problem: Many multigenerational families have various viewpoints across family members about which issues in the world to address. Often these issues are addressed through philanthropy, without the additional lever of investments and advocacy.

How we can help: Ethic is a tech-driven asset manager that powers the creation of sustainable equity portfolios. Ethic utilises technology, data science, and design to empower investors to express their unique values through investments.

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What sets Ethic apart?

"We believe that capital markets can be a powerful force for good. Showing what matters with our dollars is one of the most impactful ways to address the defining issues of our time."
Amanda Baker

Products and services

Ethics solutions cover everything from sustainability training and education to financial analysis, portfolio creation and management, and ongoing insights into your or your client's investments.

Main Tasks

Consolidated Reporting
Asset Management
Portfolio Management
Impact reporting & ESG Management
Education & Training

Top features

  • Sustainability research and resources
  • Sustainability diagnostic on existing assets
  • Tax optimisation and harvesting

Assets supported

Bankable or Financial Assets & Funds



Type Of Software





Software integrations can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Mobile App


Type of data

Transaction level


Ethic uses data in a variety of ways. Their primary sources of data are custodial, financial, and sustainability data. Ethic conducts diligence on all third-party data providers and maintains a comprehensive data ingestion and QA process.



Time to new custodian

Onboarding time varies. Get in touch to find out more.


Based on holding/position data



Regulated by

Securities & Exchange Commission

Consolidated reporting

Ethic provides clients with impact reporting that transcends financial returns, delivering a more transparent view of how portfolios are making a difference in terms of sustainability issues​.

Asset Management

Ethic acts as an asset manager, working closely with wealth advisors to strengthen their relationship with investors. They’ve been on their mission for over 8 years and manage over $3 billion in assets as of March 31, 2023. They have also helped their clients reduce the carbon footprint of their investment portfolios significantly, showcasing the impact of their sustainability-focused approach

Portfolio Management

Ethic empowers wealth advisors and investors to create personalized portfolios that align personal values with financial goals​.
They automate the creation of sustainably-focused, passive equity investment portfolios, which is particularly geared towards helping clients balance their impact and financial objectives​.

Education & Training

As sustainable investing gains traction, Ethic’s platform serves as a conduit for investors and wealth advisors seeking more education on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and a deeper understanding of how their portfolios are impacting the issues they care about most​.

Cost structure

For Ethic’s smallest accounts, fees start at 20 bps
For accounts larger than $10M, fees can be negotiated.

Key Company Info

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< $50 million




  • Key staff also have ownership
  • External investors (neither clients nor staff)
  • Clients are also owners
  • Owned by management


United States of America


New York City

Total AUM

As of July 2022: $2 billion


  • Investment & Financial Advisors (RIA / IFAs)

Serves also

  • Individual wealth owners
  • Single family offices
  • Multi-family offices


  • 109 RIAs
  • 12 single family offices
  • 7 multi-family offices
  • 6 institutional consultants

Ethic works with over 100 RIAs and multifamily offices, including Aaron Wealth Advisors and Ellevest

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Portfolios and associated reporting tools can be customized for personal sustainability preferences

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FAQs about Ethic

What is Ethic?
Ethic is an independent asset manager with a focus on sustainability.
What does Ethic do?
Ethic works with families to build their value-driven portfolios.
How does Ethic work?
Ethic’s key features include performing sustainability research for new resources, sustainability diagnostic on existing assets, and tax optimisation and harvesting. Ethic achieves precise financial benchmark tracking through a quantitatively modelled multi-factor optimisation that helps manage performance objectives by analyding the risk/return analytics of the underlying securities.
How much does Ethic cost?
Ethic’s pricing model is AuM-based.