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digital asset banking
How private banks assist family offices with digital asset investments

As digital assets continue to form part of many family office portfolios, the need to do this with the support of accredited parties, recognised by financial authorities has never been more vital. This explores how private banks have shifted their attention to digital assets, to provide support to family offices in their allocation decisions.

multi family office origin
What can ultra-affluent clients learn from the origins of a multi-family office?

By understanding the origin of a multi-family office, clients can gain some unique insight into the potential strengths and weaknesses of the firm.

family office regulation
The history of family office regulation

The collapse of Archegos Capital Management heightened calls for regulation of an untamed industry worth billions of dollars. We take a look at the history of family office regulations and the role that the Archegos collapse had to play.

venture philanthropy vs impact investing
Venture philanthropy vs impact investing: How to align impact and philanthropy

Impact investing and philanthropy are not necessarily on opposite sides of the scale. However, understanding the differences can ultimately make or break the success of any particular investment. Here are a few insights on how investors should approach the alignment of impact investing with philanthropic donations, measure and manage the impact, and address the possibility of the unintended negative effects.

An introduction to venture capital funds for family offices
Venture Capital

VC funds don’t always receive the same attention as their colleagues in the private equity and broader asset management space, and historically they’ve sometimes been seen as a bit mysterious. Here is an overview of everything you need to know.

esg software
Understanding ESG software for your family office

Implementing ESG across various family office operations is an essential part of ensuring sustainable wealth management and succession planning. In this insight, we explore the key roles and capabilities of ESG software in your family office.

family office costs
Family office costs

While family offices aim to lower their costs, it is essential to view the expenses in the context of the value provided. We take a look at how family office costs vary depending on unique office factors such as operation, investment portfolio or family office structure and size.

fiduciary structures
Jurisdiction selection for family fiduciary structures

It is not enough to choose a jurisdiction for a fiduciary structure based on black letter legal and tax considerations. One must also consider the softer requirements of the family to ensure the jurisdiction is fit for purpose.

Funds vs. Direct: what is the best approach to real estate for my family office?
Real Estate

Investing in real estate requires analytic and due diligence work and often the continued management of properties after purchase. This means family offices have to decide how best to proceed with real estate – opting either to work with partners with real estate as their core competency or to invest in real estate through funds. Here is a look at how family offices can compare their options to help jumpstart internal conversations about real estate investing.

Real estate in the digital age: Big data, Metaverse and Blockchain
Real Estate

For forward-thinking family offices, governance and ownership in the world of Web3 and Blockchain are becoming increasingly familiar. And digital twins of brick-and-mortar buildings and fractionalised real estate ownership are two current developments supported by these immense technological changes. Here is a look at how these real-world applications of exciting technologies with uncertain outcomes could present interesting investment opportunities.

family offices investing in real estate
How family offices invest in real estate
Real Estate

Right up until the pandemic, many family offices around the world were investing in real estate assets due to their long-term cash flow potential. Now, as we emerge from the pandemic and with the global real estate market showing positive signs of recovery, it might be worth revisiting what makes it such a lucrative market to invest in and some of the ways family offices maximise their profits.

what is a family office
Do I need a family office?

As global wealth continues to rise, many are seeking a customised solution outside of traditional wealth management, with many HNWIs considering forming a family office. However, to determine whether a family office is a viable option, it's necessary to understand what a family office is, the types of family offices that exist and the costs involved.

largest family offices
The 10 largest family offices in the world

As family offices continued to grow steadily across the globe over the past decade, so did their investment strategies, leading them to become more successful over time. We compiled a list of the 10 best-performing family offices based on their assets under management.

venture deal flow
Family offices and venture deal flow – the holy grail
Venture Capital

For family offices looking to grow their venture portfolios, generating, and managing deal flow is a significant challenge. From building a pipeline of startups to filtering out the most promising deals, what’s the best way to approach it?

family succession planning
How to start family succession planning
Next Generation

Succession planning is often a thorny obstacle for families to overcome. Sensitive as all issues of this nature are, it is often tempting to put off discussions to avoid conflict. However, smart succession planning is essential to a family empire for a number of reasons, and with the right action plan, it can be handled without undue infighting.

6 family office trends in direct and venture capital investments
Venture Capital

Family offices have become a significant agent in global investments and innovation in the last decade. Despite recent turbulence, such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the disruptive global recession, family offices continue to remain positive regarding investments.

how to build a family office
The 5 building blocks of the future family office

Every family office is looking for ways to safeguard its future, but what will set the next generation of family offices apart from others?

single family office vs multi family office
Single family office vs multi-family office: Could a hybrid be the future?

Single-family offices have always been the preferred choice for affluent families as a centralised means of managing their wealth. However, this service can come at a price, along with other considerations, that might not suit the needs of every family, which is where multi-family offices come into favour. Here is a look at how the differences between single and multi-family offices could give rise to a hybrid family office.

family office advisory
The importance of family office advisory for the next generation

As a new generation of ultra-high-net-worth individuals takes over, they will undoubtedly have very different approaches to wealth compared to their parents. This runs the risk of creating conflict between clients and their advisors, but here are some tips to navigate any potential turbulence.

family office investments
Family office investments: Recurring and new asset classes

As new asset classes emerge, the scale of family office investment is expanding and the portfolios are becoming even more uniquely diverse. Nevertheless, as they look into these innovative asset classes, family offices mustn't forget about the traditional, tried-and-trusted ones either.

family office technology
Level up your operations with family office technology

Technology is crucial for family offices in order to automate and optimise data, which can help with transparency, better decision-making opportunities, and better data security. Not only can technology provide access to real-time data, but family offices can track overall wealth and assist with an outsourcing strategy.

family office technology
Common family office technology challenges and how to resolve them

When compared with multi-client organisations, family offices often face more challenges when selecting and implementing technology. And when it comes to technology to leverage their processes and operations, they need to navigate issues such as systems’ complexity, consistency or cost.

fiduciary holding structures
An introduction to fiduciary holding structures

Fiduciary holding structures can be useful to wealthy families. Here’s a brief overview of these structures and some of the advantages of owning assets through trusts and foundations.

family business transition
Family business transition: The case for transformational family businesses

For families to thrive beyond generations, transitioning is vital. And a successful family business transition comes from transforming an enterprise through connections, collaboration and collectively gaining clarity.

family office philanthropy
Activist Philanthropy and Innovative Family Structures

There’s a new breed of activist philanthropists who are going beyond the call of duty to make meaningful change. Unlike family offices who write cheques and serve on boards, fulfilling their obligations but oftentimes not digging enough to truly solve societal challenges, individual philanthropists and specific family office go one step further–and their active participation help move society forward each and every day.

impact investing education
Impact: Investing in quality education

Family offices looking to expand their impact portfolio can consider ways to contribute to the 4th SDG, which aims to provide access to a full course of free primary and secondary education for all children in the world by 2030, regardless of their gender or family income.

luxury investments
Luxury investments: Luxury as an Asset Class
Luxury & Lifestyle

Beauty, passion and value are often hard to combine but in the context of a diversified portfolio, luxury goods can be as profitable as they are enjoyable.

family office report
How family office reports can meet decision-making needs

Using the right kind of family office report can help streamline decision-making. We’ve rounded up the annual reports we refer back to.

family office education
Family office education: 7 institutions offering executive teaching

To keep up with the family office industry constantly evolving, here are 7 leading institutions offering family office education.

mental health family business
Solving the wrong problem really well: How family offices can understand human behaviour
Health & Longevity

The power of paradox can be found in many parts of our life and the distinctions can be hard to perceive. Yet missing these nuances can be disastrous, particularly for high-net-worth clients running high-stakes operations.

human rights in impact investing
Integrating human rights into impact investing

 The increasing focus on sustainability poses new challenges for investors because they're now required to show results, not just good intentions. Here's how they can do this by using a narrative of change and results-based management.

investing ocean conservation
Impact: Investing in sustainable life below water

The 14th SDG, as set out by the UN, aims to conserve and encourage the sustainable use of the oceans, seas and marine resources. Here’s an exploratory look at why marine conservation presents an interesting avenue for family offices involved in impact investing.

venture capital family offices
Understanding how VCs and family offices can work together
Venture Capital

The story of family offices has always been closely aligned with venture capital, but VC remains an under-exploited opportunity. So how can family offices and VCs forge new partnerships and work more effectively together?

family office lifestyle management
Lifestyle management: the new necessity for family offices
Luxury & Lifestyle

The family office landscape is changing as new aspects of the family members’ lives come into focus. Lifestyle management is the key to managing clients’ expectations outside of their financial sphere and it is quickly going from being optional to being essential to family offices.

cryptocurrency family offices
Cryptocurrencies as part of the family office asset mix

When setting long term strategic asset allocation bands, an increasingly common question is whether crypto should be part of the asset allocation. Meanwhile, according to research, 1% of the average family office portfolio is invested in cryptocurrency. For those family offices yet to commit to crypto as an asset class, here's where they can fit in.

food security
Investing in food security: An alternative approach to impact
Impact Strategy

In response to the climate and social crisis, the UN established a set of sustainable development challenges to be addressed by 2030. We explore alternative ways to contribute to the 2nd SDG, which aims to ensure food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

investing in bitcoin infrastructure
Making the investment case for bitcoin infrastructure
Venture Capital

Bitcoin is not just a cryptocurrency – it’s a transformative technology with the potential to rearchitect the world’s monetary systems. Realising this potential requires significant investment in bitcoin infrastructure, creating a high-impact and lucrative opportunity for family offices looking to make substantive first steps into the crypto world.

women in impact investing
Why women in impact investing can change the world

Today, women are still less inclined than men to invest. This gender inequality in finance is a global problem that limits not only women's financial opportunities but also their potential to influence a better future for the planet.

bitcoin for family offices
Cryptocurrency's rise in family office investment considerations

The meteoric rise of digital assets, and Bitcoin in particular, is undeniable. But what role can this cryptocurrency play in a family office portfolio?

family wealth transition
The Great Transition and Life Expectancies

In many high-net-worth families, the great wealth transition isn't happening quite as quickly as some expected, as it's common for founding members to enjoy a long working life in their own businesses. Despite there being two working-age generations in waiting, a shift in thinking is needed so that they are both accommodated.

how to create multi-generational wealth
How to create multi-generational wealth

Creating multi-generational wealth isn't only about finances and investments to last across lifetimes, it's about considering and utilising various forms of capital.

family office wealth planning
Are your wealth planning arrangements due for a health check?

Like taxes, death is a certainty in life and it's important to understand that when the inevitable happens, certain legal processes will be followed. Another constant in life is change, meaning that these arrangements should be reviewed regularly to ensure they’re up to date and relevant to your current circumstances and desired outcomes.

digital financial services
How wealth management is adopting digital financial services

As family offices become more comfortable with digital business transactions, advisers are utilising new technology to provide advice quicker and more profitably than ever before. Wealth platforms that were forced to upgrade allow for increased mobility for those providing advice to families, who can use this infrastructure as part of a new breed of family office services.

what is a trust
What you need to understand about trusts

Trusts in common law countries are commonly used as a tool for private wealth structuring and succession planning. In civil law countries, they're often regarded with scepticism. There are certain rules and tax implications for trusts that must be carefully considered from many jurisdictions as families disperse across the world.

food technology
Why family offices should consider investing in food technology

As the next decade shapes up to be one of disruptive change, one sector seeing huge growth is that of food technology, where advances in technology, coupled with compelling business cases, are attracting significant private investment.

family office venture capital
Are family offices starting to eat VCs’ lunch?

With companies staying private longer and the number of listed companies decreasing, family offices are turning their interest towards venture capital, compelled by the investment opportunities in innovative technologies and new business models. So how will this increased influence from family offices affect an already shifting venture ecosystem?

managing family inheritance
A new inheritance mindset that reveals more value to heirs

Some of the greatest wealth transfers are currently happening through inheritance. By viewing the concept of inheritance out of the money-asset-property framework, inheritors are able to gain a whole new wealth landscape, revealing a wider understanding of its value potential.

family office network
The irreplaceable aspect of trust and network in the family office space

While the increasing presence of technology has made some things significantly easier, there are still some aspects of operations that benefit from a human element, especially when dealing with families of a more traditional background. Here's how to marry technology with the classical business model.

family office strategy
A family office strategy for navigating the new normal

The second year of a pandemic has meant shifting from survival mode to re-establishing a new business strategy. By putting stronger systems in place, identifying and rectifying weak points, and confidently moving the business into the digital age, one expert shares how family offices can make the most of the turbulence of the past two years.

next generation transition
Next-generation transition: how to prepare to pass the family business on

Preparing the next generation to take over the family business requires some thought, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. There are a few crucial questions to answer to ensure the family is on the same page and that the next generation actually wants, and is ready for, this responsibility.

Electric Vehicles
Is investing in electric vehicles really a good business decision?

Why have combustion engines become so unpopular, and why do we all think that electric vehicles are the future? Is it possible that this trend has been created by regulators who have been pushed into a one-way street as a consequence of global warming issues?

cyclical business
From linear to cyclical business: how to lead in a complex post-Covid world.

To cope with an uncertain and volatile world, visionary leadership is key to developing future-proofed businesses. Moving beyond a linear business model to a more cyclical one is a powerful tool that can lead to resilient businesses able to weather any storm.

inclusive family business
The case for interdependence in a family business

Interdependence, where there is mutual reliance on other family members, signifies that there is an inclusive mindset with a clear understanding of the family's shared purpose, vision and mission. It is often also what sets a family business apart from other organisations.

late stage venture
Late-stage venture investing: running with unicorns and tigers

As many of the world’s fastest-growing companies are waiting longer to go public, late-stage venture investing is having a whirlpool effect on private markets, drawing in traditional public markets investors, private equity firms and early-stage venture capitalists. Brendan Murphy double clicks on why family offices should also be thinking about investing in late-stage ventures.

become an impact investor
How to become an impact investor: an expert's guide

Sustainable finance has become something of a buzzword recently, yet there's a difference between responsible and sustainable finance, and impact investing. For those looking to get involved in impact investing, here are some tips for getting started.

good family governance
The philosophy and principles of family governance

A successful family is measured by more than its wealth. Following three simple guiding principles for good family governance can lead to a well-run, healthy and responsible system.

neuroeconomics for the family office
Introduction to neuroeconomics for the family office: a toolkit for success
Mental health

The more choice we have, the more vulnerable we are to their effects on our lives and happiness. For family offices making high-stake decisions, senior leadership should be encouraged to embrace neuroeconomics to protect them from being bitten by thier own successes.

owner strategy
The ownership advantage

While operational involvement in a family business has declined in some cases, there's been an increase in active ownership roles collaborating with external executives. For a family business to continue to be its best, the owners must also be at their best. Developing a owner strategy routine can help foster the best of a business legacy from generation to generation.

neuroplasticity and change
The science of neuroplasticity and change
Mental health

The ability to effect change is essential for individuals, families and their enterprises to thrive. We all know that change is difficult – but why is it so difficult? To answer that question, we need to understand more about the science of neuroplasticity and how the human brain works.

venture capital and impact
Why VC should be part of any family office impact portfolio

Family offices have a history of putting their money towards causes that they care about, usually via philanthropic activities. But as a new generation of family members takes the reins of these investing and giving activities, the boundaries between positive impact and returns are gradually merging.

impact investing and philanthropy
Impact investing and philanthropy: how family businesses can make real impact

Impact investing and philanthropy have always been part of the DNA of entrepreneurial families, albeit separately. However, aligning the two concepts could have even more impact on the business, while attempting to make the world a better place.

swiss family offices
Swiss family offices and Sparks: what the SIX segment means

SIX recently introduced Sparks, a new SME-focused segment on the stock exchange that appeals to smaller businesses interested in going public, but there could also be some benefits for Swiss family offices and businesses, too.

succession planning for family offices
How family offices can deal with death in the family

The hardest part of dealing with death is realising that all you have are memories of yesterday and that the promised future with your loved one no longer exists. In that moment of reality, no amount of wealth can replace your loss. However, the wealth left behind becomes the centre of the family storm and this has to be dealt with.

preserving multi generational wealth
Multigenerational wealth preservation: What you need to know
Next Generation

By a general estimation, 90% of affluent families tend to lose a large portion of their wealth by the third generation. By considering the potential threats to family wealth and taking appropriate preventative measures, the risk of wealth erosion can be mitigated. Here are five key factors that often serve as the foundation for wealth erosion and the steps family offices can take to preserve multi-generational wealth.

venture capital for family offices
How family offices can get the most out of venture capital partnerships
Venture Capital

Most family offices choose to invest at least part of their venture allocation via venture capital funds, but how they approach these partnerships can have a big impact on how much they get out of them – both in returns and experience. Here we discuss some of the key considerations to bear in mind.

cryptocurrency family offices
Cryptocurrency for family offices: bitcoin's actual environmental impact

The headlines are scary, but as with all things, there are two sides to a story. This article explores how bitcoin mining is actually a net positive for the environment, and why the current narrative being portrayed is antithetical to the truth.

family business succession
What we can learn about family business succession through a famous feud
Next Generation

Known as the family behind a behemoth entertainment and broadcast empire, the Murdochs appear as something of a TV drama themselves. We're going beyond the tabloid headlines to find out what this famous feud means for Rupert Murdoch's legacy and the succession of his family business.

family office asset management
The luxury asset market – What does the future hold?

As with every sector, the luxury assets market has been greatly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, just not in the way you might think. We take a look at what that market looks like now, and where it looks like it's headed in the future.

turbulence in family business
Managing conflict within a family business

Conflict and turbulence within a family – and a family business – are nothing new. If not properly managed, these issues can have serious implications for the governance and even succession of the family.

family office technology
Family office running costs are rising – and why that’s a good thing

In 2020, the costs of running a family office rose, with most of these attributed to staffing and IT costs. In this case, this isn't necessarily bad news, as these costs signify a new era for family office technology.

family office network
Building trust and relationships within family office networks
Brand & design

The secret to nurturing trust in your family office network starts by acknowledging that there are three types of value to be maintained, not two. Time and money are the obvious ones, but here's why the third, relationships, need to be prioritised too.

Family Office Software
Deciding on family office software? Here are 4 steps to take first.

In today's digital world, it's never been easier to streamline business operations through the use of intelligent software. Deciding which software is right for your family office can feel daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Here are 4 easy steps to take that will make choosing software a much simpler process.

emerging market investment
An introduction to emerging market investment in Eastern Europe

It has been 32 years since the transition began in post-communist countries. Despite this transformation, however, there’s still a large discrepancy between Eastern and Western Europe. This is especially apparent in the investment sector, where investors are either hesitant to get involved or are entirely unaware of the exciting opportunities that exist within the Eastern European market.

A process for understanding the value of possessions beyond just numbers

 Adopting an insightful process for valuing your possessions and valuables that can lead to more personal fulfilment, deeper appreciation of your things, better estate planning and successful generational wealth transfer? We explore a process, which reflects the new value shifts of the next generation and which goes far beyond, “What is the market value of our possessions?

family offices investing africa
Getting started with investing in Africa: a guide to off-road venture capital
Venture Capital

Investing in Africa is unlike investing anywhere else. Incredible opportunities exist amongst and in many cases because of the continent’s distinct challenges. For family offices looking to invest in the region, we start with an exploration of venture investing in Africa.

why purpose led investments require long term thinking
Why purpose-led investments require long-term thinking

For family offices, aligning investments to a greater purpose is more relevant now than ever before. In the current tough economic times, these investments need people who understand their values. We explore why aligning investments to values affords investors a longer-term view, making them a better longer-term fit.

ownership family office
Why conscious ownership is critical for future-focused family enterprises.

In order to transition their enterprises beyond generations, family businesses must embrace what is known as conscious ownership. To do this, they must move from being conscious operators to conscious owners. We explore how families can deliberately focus on ownership to future-proof their enterprises.

preserving wealth through generations
How the largest family offices preserve wealth through generations
Next Generation

Wealth management within one lifespan is already challenging. Making sure that it will both last and continue to grow for future one's lifetimes, is a complicated task that requires expertise. Still, there is no reason why future generations' wealth should come under threat each time generational change is on the horizon.

family office networking
The importance of sustainable networks for family offices

Most family offices can agree that networking is an integral part of their business, something that opens doors to many opportunities. Despite this, many family offices still don’t seem to invest in developing proper networks. What should family offices look for when networking and what are the benefits of a sustainable network?

family office investment
Three ways for family offices to attract better investment opportunities

Families need to work harder to attract the best people, partners and investment opportunities. With family offices gaining in popularity, this means that on various levels families will soon need to up their game. Here are three tips to help.

venture investing
What are the biggest challenges family offices face when venture investing?

Family offices are increasingly involved in venture investments and this interest is only growing as new generations come to the fore. Not only does venture offer the promise of outsized returns and the diversification of the family office portfolio, but many firms are passionate about supporting entrepreneurial founders.

matriarchal and patriarchal roles
The impact of matriarchal and patriarchal roles in family business
Next Generation

Most families have an anchor, often identified as a matriarchal or patriarchal figure. A dominant personality who keeps the family aligned and acts as the glue that holds them together. Identifying this individual, celebrating their role in the family and the growth of the unit is fundamental. We explore how understanding the impact of a family leader not only provides alignment but further creates a shared history, values and inevitability vision.

regenerative business
The role of regenerative business in modern value creation

For businesses looking to engage in more responsible and ethical practices, pledging sustainability isn't enough anymore. Instead, regeneration is the way forward – for the environment and society, as well as the business itself. What are the fundamentals of this principle? And what does this mean for measuring value creation?

innovate family businesses
Innovate or die: How family businesses can maintain their entrepreneurial spirit
Next Generation

Within the family business industry, the mantra of ‘innovate or die’ is well-known. Many times we’ve heard the anecdote that the first generation creates the business, the second generation develops it and the third reduces it to dust. We explore this simplification and discuss how a family business can safeguard its entrepreneurial spirit.

Family Governance Challenges
The unique governance challenge of mixed culture families

Globalisation has seen the world become a global village. In this global village, a new complexity has arisen especially for families of wealth –that being the complexity of interfaith, intercultural, and interracial marriages. We explore what happens when working with families with diverse heritage.

Family Office Real Estate Investment
Sun Tzu’s lessons for protecting real estate assets during a pandemic

Sun Tzu’s 'The Art of War' has inspired military commanders from around the world to succeed in battle, since being written some 2,500 years ago by the master tactician and philosopher. How can we apply his learnings to the “battle” we face today, as we defend and prepare our real estate portfolios for the continuing onslaught of the pandemic, and help to mitigate the risks that will ensue?

family office venture investing
Venture investing: which model is best for family offices?
Venture Capital

Every year, thousands of startup founders set out in search of funding for their business ideas, offering the promise of substantial returns for family offices. We explore how family offices can mitigate risk and avoid pitfalls by taking a diligent and considered approach to venture investing.

Future wealth advisor family office
The future of the family office wealth advisor

Family offices come in many shapes and sizes, as do the advisors who serve them. Increased competition, technological changes, and an increasing desire for niche investment opportunities are changing the way that family offices work with wealth advisors. We explore what the future might hold for this market.

gold vs. bitcoin family office
Passing on family wealth: bitcoin vs. gold

Gold has long been seen as an effective way to pass on family wealth throughout generations. However, bitcoin is quickly becoming a worthy competitor. As we continue to move into a digital world, family offices are no exception to this and must embrace digital value.

Family office women
Empowering women in family offices through learning, governance and allyship

Family offices today must embrace diversity, inclusion, and empowerment of women, if they are to thrive. Our twenty-first-century business world is highly disruptive and challenging, and diversity of thought is key to navigating these successfully. We explore how families can involve female members in wealth decision-making.

Family office impact thesis
How to co-create an impact thesis with a family office

All investments deliver impact. However, in order for a family office to really drive impact, they need to clearly define it and then propose how they plan on achieving it. An impact thesis gives family offices a higher chance of achieving the intended impact – both financial and non-financial – through a process of co-creation.

Women wealth
From heiress to owner: disrupting private wealth through female leadership

As 2020 has shaken the world and with fundamental assumptions being challenged, many female leaders have been celebrated for their ability to successfully manage successfully the crisis. Within the private wealth space, self-made women are becoming the fastest-growing segment. How can these changes be leveraged to create a more integrated and balanced approach to leadership?

Business Generalist
Why your family business should become a generalist

Family businesses are built with a core vision that, which has continuity, renewal, longevity, and legacy of the enterprise in mind. These visions are oftentimes built around a specific competency or industry which is intimately tied to a family's identity. But in an ever-changing marketplace, how might family businesses embrace generalism for strategic advantage?

Stock exchange family office
Successful on and off the stock exchange – governance practices in family firms

The stock exchange and family firms – two irreconcilable terms upon first glance. Going public seems to mark the beginning of the end for family firms and to entail an entirely different type of governance. But the book “Successful on and off the stock exchange – Governance practices in family firms” written by Dr. Sonja Kissling and Dr. Bianca Braun shows that this is not true.

Family office banks
Family offices from the banking perspective

Banks are often the institutions that operate closest to family offices. For this reason, family offices also look to banks more frequently for guidance to ensure they're equipped to facilitate the growth and sustainability of the family enterprises that they serve. But what do banks believe family offices should focus on?

Governance risks family office
Seven governance risks that could impact your family office

The need for privacy and more control over wealth and assets has seen the number of family offices grow. Research reported that by the end of Q2 2019, there were 7,300 offices worldwide – a number that has continued to grow. However, family offices may be plagued by unseen governance risks that could seriously jeopardise their future.

Europe startups investing
Five reasons why Europe is the future of startup investing

European startups have come a long way in the last 10 to 15 years. Back in the 1990s and 2000s, when many of the world’s biggest tech companies, such as Amazon, Google and Facebook were founded, Europe didn’t even feature on the global tech landscape. But with European startups now making their mark on the global stage, the time is right for family offices to get involved.

Art and heritage for family offices
How can the next generation turn pre-contemporary art into meaningful wealth

As the greatest wealth transfer in history is underway, noteworthy heirlooms such as important art collections, historic real estate are being taken over by a new generation. Can these inheritors embrace their new ownership and find ways to make it a meaningful relationship – or will the family jewels be destined for the auction houses? We explore some options.

Align value investments
Co-creating values aligned agreements with founders for impact investing

2020 was the year we all became suddenly aware of the interconnectedness of our global challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed how climate change, health disparities, racial discrimination, housing injustice, population displacement, and other factors all act and interact in complex adaptive systems. How might investment and design principles embed value in impact investing from day one?

German family offices
Made in Germany: five best practices of German family offices

What made family offices in Germany successful and how are they resetting for the new normal? We navigate the top challenges transforming the transgenerational wealth creation of German enterprising families.

investment time horizons, protecting family wealth, family office
Protect and grow family wealth through investment time-horizons

For family offices looking to protect and grow family wealth, a time-horizons’ tiered approach to wealth management is paramount. For those charged with financial decision making, these time projections are arguably the most sensible strategy to preserve, grow and transfer wealth within a family context. We look at how pine nuts, pine trees and oak trees can secure wealth for future generations.

Bitcoin Investment Family Offices
How can a family office practically invest in bitcoin?

After 11 years of its existence, bitcoin has gone from a fringe to a mainstream concept. A recent wave of corporations and HNWI’s have been buying bitcoin as a way of combating the inflation that central banks are currently producing. So, how can family offices navigate the bits and bytes in the ether?

Genetics, Epigenetics, Family Wealth
Genomics and epigenetics: new tools for promoting family legacy

Imagine a seemingly healthy 35-year-old family member assumes the CEO position of a core global family enterprise. On the second day of his tenure, he sustains a cardiac arrest and dies immediately. Could the risk of his tragic death have been mitigated using currently available actionable DNA medical science of genomics? The answer is resoundingly yes.

Family Office Services, Know your supplier
How to gain a birds-eye view by understanding family office services

Family offices rarely think about their operating costs in basis points – surprising when such a measurement is a common component of determining expense vs value when comparing investments. Navigating your supplier universe can help you gain a much-needed system overview.

Singapore Private Wealth Structure
What family offices should know before setting up in Singapore

Singapore might be the answer for many Western family offices looking to bridge family values and forthcoming disruptions.

Female Board Member
Women on board: enhancing leadership in family firms

Over the past 5-10 years, there has been an increasing focus on the importance of women in leadership positions, including on boards. Aside from the obvious reason of legal equality, why is a policy of mixed-gender board representation important?

Family Office Structure
How service design can transform the family office structure

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Every great institution is the lengthened shadow of a single man (or woman)." Within the private wealth space, this is especially true with no two family offices being the same. Service design makes an ideal bedfellow for family offices looking to move beyond 'palace politics' and re-engineer their family office structure to meet the changing needs of the market.

Family office venture capital investments
Venture investing can deliver high returns in uncertain times
Venture Capital

Economic uncertainty and stock market volatility mean family offices are reviewing their investment strategies with a view to safeguarding their portfolios for the future. Covid-19 has thrown all the chips in the air and, while the arrival of a vaccine gives hope that the end of the pandemic is in sight, nobody knows where the pieces will eventually land, for the public markets, property and other mainstream investment classes.

decision making in family businesses
How psychodynamics can drive better decision making in family businesses

A changing set of realities, norms and values are underway in the face of an accelerating climate crisis. Within the family wealth space, the next-generation are particularly attuned to these changes and placing demands on family business leaders to act. A new family governance method which targets a family’s collective unconscious could be the key to successful intergenerational transition.

Next Generation Family Leadership
Why persuasive leadership is important for the next generation
Next Generation

The next generation today must influence a range of stakeholders if they are to be effective change agents. Family enterprises are facing a 21st-century volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world that has given rise to a new style of leadership. We explore how the next generation can embrace a persuasive leadership style in order to be effective change-makers and propel the family enterprise into the future.

Family office bitcoin investments
Why family offices should be looking to Bitcoin

Bitcoin and family offices very logically compliment each other. Family offices aim for long-term wealth preservation throughout generations, while bitcoin is a form of money that can’t be inflated and can therefore retain its value over time. We explore how the history of fiat currencies and the recent adoption from UHNW investors presents a compelling case for this new financial revolution.

family office blockchain
Blockchain's Potential Within The Family Office

Since it’s capabilities were first promoted to underpin and support Bitcoin over a decade ago Blockchain has experienced a great deal of hype. While the fintech industry remains the blockchain leader, organizations in other sectors including healthcare, technology, media and telecommunications are expanding their blockchain initiatives.

Family Office Technology
How to overcome technological stalemate in Australian family offices

Though the family office market in Australia continues to go from strength to strength, it is a challenge for software providers to see the value in expanding to a vast country with a highly idiosyncratic financial system. At the same time, there are also challenges to helping established Australian family offices to invest in a high-performing tech stack. We explore solutions to this technological stalemate.

Generational succession, wealth succession, family business succession
Why emotional intelligence is the key to intergenerational succession
Next Generation

Intergenerational succession represents a significant challenge to family business. Though a common problem, misalignment between generations needs to be addressed for businesses to thrive into the future. Emotional intelligence could well be the key to bridging the gap. We take a look at how mentorship – and increasingly mindfulness – are helping family businesses to cross the chasm.

family office startups, family office professionalisation
What family offices can learn from the startup growth cycle

Though family offices vary in size and shape, every organization shares a common origin: entrepreneurship. Without the first generation of pioneering entrepreneurs, they simply wouldn’t exist.

next generation engagement, family office succession
Five approaches for engaging the next-generation
Next Generation

For many family offices, succession is the most complex and significant challenge faced over the course of their life cycle. Next-generation engagement is fundamental in ensuring that their legacy continues well beyond their tenure. Here are five approaches to aid next-gen engagement.

Family Office Risks
Emerging risks in the family office sector

Today’s business leaders have to navigate an increasingly complex risk environment. Although not traditionally, a focal point in company reporting and board room discussions, risk assessment has received the renewed focus of late. For companies who want to be resilient, a holistic and disciplined approach to risk management is required.

Soft Assets in Family Offices
Why family offices should focus on 'soft' assets

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) have been credited by many as the backbone of business management. But how do these metrics fair in a rapidly evolving world? Research suggests that a focus on soft (as well as hard) assets and predictive technology is the answer.

Square Hermes Rivera
Is impact investing a risky business?

As a growing number of asset owners question whether they can manage their assets for more than financial returns, impact investing receives mounting attention. In spite of this, many still believe that impact investments constitute higher risks. We explore how by reframing their relationship to risk, family offices can take bigger bets and win in the long run.

family business lifestages, family business professsionalization
Using life stages to professionalise the family business

Many businesses with humble beginnings have been able to weather change and grow into empires. Could professionalization hold the key to continued success?

Asian business insights, asian family office
How Asian family businesses respond to four global challenges

Although certain business challenges are universal to family offices across the globe, the way in which Asian family businesses experience, prioritise, and tackle them is unique. We deep dive into four key global family office challenges and how they are experienced within the Asian context, reflecting upon the unique set of underlying influences that shape the Asian response.

Square Felipe Labate
How to create a family brand the primal way
Brand & design

In this day and age, content is king. Brands in the 21st century have more cultural and social capital than ever before. With the rise of influencer marketing and the proliferation of social media platforms, branding has become an ever more important aspect of business. 'Primal branding' offers family businesses with a guide on how to get started.

Connecting To Outside World
From family business to business family
Next Generation

The transition from a family business to a business family is not an easy one. Without a clear, strategically implemented plan to preserve both its wealth and legacy, the family faces a progressive dispersal of its assets. We outline the key factors that spark a transition from family business to business family – and offer advice on how to handle this.

Impact Investing Tips
6 Tips for family offices to start with impact investing

Impact investing has caught the attention of families, family offices, and private investors alike in recent years. In spite of this impact-led zeitgeist, there exists uncertainty on how to approach this field. How do you begin? Here are a few points to consider.

5 lessons for family offices from HBO's Succession

HBO’s mega-series Succession follows the decaying empire of a dysfunctional media family - a template on precisely how not to run your family office. Here are five lessons that we can learn from Succession, before putting them into practice in the process of running family offices.

fintech, wealthtech, customer strategy
Why banks should be more customer-centric in their approach to Family Offices

Financial institutions, once regarded as the cornerstones of business, are now facing unprecedented changes and challenges that could not even have been conceived of a decade ago. We explore how banks can remain relevant within the private wealth space through a customer-centric approach.

family office trends
Legacy and succession planning trends and advice
Next Generation

Only 3% of family-owned businesses survive until the fourth generation and beyond. There appears to be a cross-generational disconnect with family owned business succession. We explore past and present trends and cast a glance to the future regarding successful planning to help ensure legacies live on and thrive.

Private Equity, Direct Investing
Finding & funding investments with high return

It would appear that some Family Offices are now showing a predilection for direct investing to diversify portfolios and build new equity investment. Whether investors are motivated by high returns or other factors, it begs one important question: how best to enter the deal flow slipstream?

Research In Private Wealth
Companies with foresight stay ahead of the curve

Remaining relevant and competitive in a rapidly evolving marketplace is no mean feat. Whilst innovation methodologies and speed-to-market are fundamental business tactics, how do we ensure we’re solving the right kind of problems? Foresight and trend analysis provide us with the necessary tools to do so.

Family office threats, cyber security risk
Cyber crime, the greatest threat to family businesses?
Cyber Security

Statistics reveal that cybercrime is becoming one of the biggest commercial and reputational risks to family offices, a threat that is expected to grow well into the future. With businesses shifting more into the online and digital space, cyber criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their methods.

Next generation, family office, private wealth owners
How to engage the next generation through a clearly defined purpose

Globalisation, digital transformation and climate change have transformed the way we live, work and conduct business today. Inheriting this radically transformed world are the millennials, a new generation with distinct priorities from their baby-boomer predecessors. Their north star? Purpose.

Family Business Frameworks
A brave new world of brand: Three frameworks for family businesses

Gone are the days of the 'Five Forces Framework', the Four P’s of 'the Marketing Mix' and the 'Seven C’s Compass'. It's time for brand frameworks which are reflective of, and adaptive to, an ever-changing business climate. We've selected the top new-age frameworks for developing a cohesive brand for your family business.

African Family Offices
Opportunities & obstacles for African family offices

Africa marches to her own rhythm. Besides her unrivalled natural beauty, the continent is blessed with numerous natural resources and knowledge power. Despite these riches, even the wealthiest African cities are home to the greatest numbers of people living in poverty worldwide. The emergence of a healthy Family Office ecosystem remains lacklustre.

next generation
Why video is the way to connect with the next generation

Video content is dominating the digital media space, with 100 million hours of video content watched on Facebook, 10 billion videos watched on Snapchat every day with countless more on Instagram and TikTok. What better option is there to really speak with the next generation of owners?

family business
Family owned hotels and the future of hospitality innovation
Luxury & Lifestyle

Running a hotel is very much like running a big family. Every day there will be something new. Perhaps today the internet is down, tomorrow you’re awarded some prestigious award, next week an unexpected family member is arriving where the hotel is full, or one day the police are at the door to speak to one of the family members.

family business
Prepare your family business for the digital age

Many family businesses are born of the practice of merely "doing something," like tackling a problem or seizing an opportunity. It's often a matter of an entrepreneur spotting a gap and taking it.

What can tech startups teach family businesses about exits?

The Mitsubishi model of a company built to last the ages still exists, but with the advent of the tech industry and the accompanying startup culture, many old-school concepts of a generational business lineage, past and future, are harder and harder to find.

human capital
Identify & build human capital in your family business

In an exercise reminiscent of “If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?” imagine that tomorrow you go to your place of business but there’s no one at the front desk, no one at the phones, no one in IT, no one filing or filling orders, no one manufacturing or selling your widgets… If there’s no one to run it, would you have a company?

family office tools
Running your family office like a silicon valley startup.

Family offices have evolved from the mega-money-centric, often hidebound institutions of a bygone era (by which we mean a few decades ago). Today the services offered by an energetic family office more closely resemble those of a life coach/creative director/spin-doctor, than a financial advisor.

future family office
On building modern and future-ready family offices

The common misconception is that the family office asset management style only suits ultra-high-net-worth individuals and companies. But how about the less-high-net-worth ones? Here are a few suggestions on implementing top-notch financial management practices on a business of virtually any size to take a load off your staff and enhance productivity.

family business
How branding can put family-owned businesses and family offices ahead of the pack
Brand & design

While most successful families consider heritage branding extremely beneficial, not everyone takes full advantage of this extraordinary marketing tool. According to statistics, only one-third of the top 100 family businesses focus on their brands as family-owned, even though purposefully highlighting your multi-generational story comes with a solid set of bonuses.

Simple solutions for complex times.