From heiress to owner: disrupting private wealth through female leadership

As 2020 has shaken the world and with fundamental assumptions being challenged, many female leaders have been celebrated for their ability to successfully manage successfully the crisis. Within the private wealth space, self-made women are becoming the fastest-growing segment. How can these changes be leveraged to create a more integrated and balanced approach to leadership?
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Innovation Updated on October 21, 2022

Recently Whitney Wolfe Herd, founder, and CEO of Bumble, made headline news following the companies successful IPO as a rare example of a self-made female billionaire. In many senses, her story signals a new reality within private wealth where many are looking to set new norms. Herd leveraged her own personal experience of sexual harassment in the workplace to create a product that empowers women in their ability to make the first move.

She likewise overcame the biggest hurdle of any female entrepreneur: funding.  Through a smart partnership, she proved that tech is not the exclusive preserve of men, and instilled a culture of “for women, by women” uncovering the profitability of such a market.

Changing realities and norms

Women wealth owners are a growing market that has not yet been tapped into.  In 2018, 35% of millionaires were women with their earnings reaching an estimated $24 trillion in 2020. The expectations are that around 37% of HNWIs (High Net Worth Individuals) might be women by 2030, with control of nearly 20% of the total global wealth market. Their position is particularly strong in the Asian business sector where they stand at the helm of families’ businesses with  96% of those being active wealth creators.

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