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family office advisor
How to choose a family office advisor

As family offices evolve and become more complex, their advisors continue to play an important support role. Here is our guide to successfully selecting the right advisor for your specific needs.

family office investments
An introduction to family office investments

Family office investment trends suggest a more active, growth-oriented mindset as well as a more socially-focused one. Regardless of how priorities shift over time, having a sound investment management process in place is critical for all family offices.

portfolio rebalancing
Family office portfolio rebalancing

Portfolio rebalancing is the buying or selling of assets to maintain the desired asset allocation in an investment portfolio and forms a key part of any family office investment strategy.

family office structure
A Simple guide to family office structure

Family office structures have evolved significantly over the past few decades, becoming far more sophisticated and efficient. Changes in organisational, legal and governance structures reflect the ambition of modern families to manage their own destiny and thrive into the future, despite complex regulatory environments and emerging risks.

family office banking provider
How to evaluate your family office banking provider

To ensure family offices are getting the support and service they need, it's crucial to assess their banking providers regularly. This guide aims to assist family offices utilising the services of a private bank and who want to take a structured approach to evaluate their banking partner.

how to choose a bank
How to choose a family office bank

The popularisation of the family office has caused an outflow of assets from the private banking space. However, banks have responded by significantly improving their family office service offering and are becoming more customer-centric in their approach. When choosing a banking partner, the key is to strike the right balance between the capabilities that are employed in the family office and the offerings that are sourced from your bank.

A Simple multi-family office guide

In this guide, we're taking a high-level view of the different types of family offices, and then drilling a bit deeper into the multi-family office space and providing some food for thought when assessing the attractiveness of this option.

how to start a family office
How to start a family office

As wealthy families tackle the complex challenges of generational wealth preservation and succession planning, the family office concept has grown in popularity. However, setting up a family office is a time consuming and potentially costly exercise which needs to be carefully planned and executed.

generational wealth
What is generational wealth?
Next Generation

Simply put, generational wealth refers to the transfer of assets or businesses, passed down from one generation to the next, which safeguards the family's future wealth. However, understanding generational wealth is slightly more nuanced than this and often goes beyond simply handing over these assets.

nfts family office
A Simple guide to NFTs

Now that you've got to grips with cryptocurrency, it's time to understand NFTs. This is a comprehensive guide to everything you ever wanted to know about NFTs but didn't want to ask. From the origin of NFTs, and their rise to prominence, as well as how to buy and sell them, we're covering all the aspects of this trending digital asset.

crypto custody
How to choose a crypto custodian

For family offices, choosing the right crypto custodian is the key to engaging in crypto confidently and efficiently. But what exactly is a crypto custodian and what role do they play in digital asset management?

impact investment strategy
How to execute an impact investing strategy

Impact investing goes beyond financial outcomes and allows family offices to direct their money towards positive transformation. These good intentions are not enough, however, and to make a real impact, you'll need a solid impact investment strategy. Here's how to establish and execute a successful impact strategy.

guide to impact investing
How to get started with impact investing

Impact investing is not just a buzzword, it’s a signal that there’s a momentous shift towards social and environmental awareness – one that attracts serious investment attention. For family offices wanting to enter the impact investing space, this guide offers an in-depth introduction to impact investing and breaks down how and where to get started with impact.

family office data
A Simple guide to management through data

Most companies can agree that data analysis should be a priority, and for family offices, technology has become incredibly important, particularly for those who acknowledge the role it can play in helping them evolve and keep up with a dynamic business landscape. Here, we investigate the types of data and technology that are most helpful for family offices.

family office technology
A Simple guide to implementing family office technology

To execute a successful technology rollout in any family office, there has to be forward-planning, with clear objectives and required outcomes. This guide lays out how to get started with implementing family office technology to start improving your processes, promoting productivity, and saving time now.

family office structure
A Simple guide to family offices

A great place to get started with family offices. This guide provides landscape data and some clear definitions on the various types of family offices.

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