Simple Values

Our work helps wealth owners to use their capital to create a better tomorrow.

We know that wealth owners and their service providers have many jobs to be done. But we believe all operations should start with clear values and purpose. We take a contrarian view of the problem at hand. We start with ‘why’.

We are your strategic discussion partners, offering realtime insights, data-driven learning, and support which is actionable.

We help you ask the right questions about the key business areas affecting family offices and the private wealth owners that they work with. We offer realtime insights that allow you to think ahead on the issues that really matter. We know that the family office sector is fragmented. That’s why we work to build consensus and capacity amongst our network of experts.

We help you align on the ‘why’ and the ‘how’, bringing new perspectives thinking to existing problems. By building in-house resilience, we allow you to overcome some of the greatest challenges family offices face today: from cybersecurity to environmental concerns. We take a strong view on operational factors and provide you with the toolkit to professionalize your organization.

Our Values


The largest generational transition of wealth is happening and the new generation requires different working methods, more transparency and new ways of support.


The trust in digital solutions is stronger than ever before. Technology is in the foundation of every operation and enables scalable best practices.


Transparency and knowledge has provided room for new considerations about investment. Making impact and thinking about tomorrow is embedded in the day to day.


Global accessibility and connectivity provides opportunity and new perspectives. Working across borders is normalised and embraced.

Simple Team

Our team members help wealth owners use their capital to create the world they would like to live in.