Jason Pinkham
Jason is an entrepreneur and architect of multi-family offices. He now spends his time consulting directly to affluent families to better understand their needs and matching them with an optimal multi-family office.
jason pinkham

Jason is currently CEO and President of Goose Rocks Wealth, where he works with ultra-affluent families to help them understand the family office space in the United States and ultimately identify one that best suits the families’ particular needs. He advises his clients on the regulation of multi-family offices, how to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and what services to prioritise in their search.

Prior to starting Goose Rocks Wealth, Jason co-founded Dynasty Financial Partners in 2010. Dynasty is focused on building out and supporting family offices with dedicated intellectual capital and critical outsourced infrastructure. Jason’s primary role at Dynasty was to start multi-family offices from the ground up, including building out critical areas of compliance, investment committees, operations, HR, ownership structure, technology selection, marketing, and trading/execution. Through these efforts, he also worked with ultra-affluent families and their advisors to create or identify solutions to solve complex needs like bill payment, direct investing, hedging, capital raising, and countless others.

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Insights Jason has written

What can ultra-affluent clients learn from the origins of a multi-family office?
What can ultra-affluent clients learn from the origins of a multi-family office?

By understanding the origin of a multi-family office, clients can gain some unique insight into the potential strengths and weaknesses of the firm.

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