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Family Office Digital Assets Report 2024


The last year has seen some remarkable developments in the digital assets space, including some dramatic downfalls, a notable market recovery and then progressive institutionalisation and regulation. Simple’s review of this space aims to give family offices an overview on these latest developments that, along with insights from both service providers and family offices actively engaging with digital assets, can help understand the market.

Adam Hoffman


I empower, connect and delight fellow wealth stewards that agree entrepreneurism is the key to unlocking meaningful family legacies | family bank advocate | professional trustee | former tax lawyer | 3X founder

5 Emerging WealthTech innovations for family offices


Explore the top five WealthTech innovations revolutionising wealth management for family offices. From AI-driven analytics to secure blockchain transactions, discover how these technologies can enhance your investment strategy and safeguard your assets.

Sales Director (US Midwest)


Role Description: We are seeking a highly motivated Sales Manager to join our team at Trusted Family, the leading communication and governance platform for family businesses and family offices. You will be responsible for driving revenue growth by strategically managing and leading business development for the US Midwest Region. Construct and execute strategic sales plans […]

Client Success Manager (EMEA & APAC)


Role Description: We’re looking for a versatile rockstar to join our Global Client Success Managers team and contribute to the success of family enterprises across the EMEA-APAC region. We’re offering a highly strategic position which will allow you to build a network of high-level stakeholders and get involved on strategic matters central to the family […]

A glimpse into five of India’s largest family offices


Explore the dynamics of wealth management in India through an in-depth look at five of the most influential family offices, understanding their strategies, influence, and impact on the Indian and global financial landscape.

Toby Usnik


Toby Usnik is a communications professional with thirty years of expertise in strategic communications.

How US sporting celebrities manage their family offices


The transition from high-earning athletes to savvy wealth managers is a critical journey, often mired in complexities unique to their career paths. This article delves into the nuances of how US sporting celebrities structure their family offices, ensuring financial growth, legal compliance, and effective brand management.

Celebrities who have embraced family offices


In the intricate world of wealth management, the concept of a family office has become a pivotal strategy for many, including some of the most renowned celebrities. Discover how renowned celebrities like Oprah, Richard Branson, and Jay-Z are navigating the complexities of wealth management through their family offices.

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