Family offices, let's talk about what regenerative business can do for value creation

For businesses looking to engage in more responsible and ethical practices, pledging sustainability isn't enough anymore. Instead, regeneration is the way forward – for the environment and society, as well as the business itself. What are the fundamentals of this principle? And what does this mean for measuring value creation?
regenerative business

What you need to know

  • Regenerative, sustainable business has never been a hotter topic.
  • Circular economy, zero-waste strategies, impact investing, CSR implementation, renewable energy sources and carbon-offsetting are not enough.
  • The UN recently introduced a framework, the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (, to integrate natural capital in economic reporting
  • Regenerative businesses leverage inclusiveness, collaboration within the business and with its environment to “do better with less”
  • Three steps to implement regenerative thinking include 1. Think Cyclical, 2. Be Inclusive 3. Re-invent business models
Impact Updated on October 21, 2022

The concept of regenerative business models is not a new one. And as far as as buzzwords go, big enterprises everywhere seem to be trying to engage in more sustainable business practices, as a response to ever-growing climate and environmental issues. Yet, many of these changes are simply not enough to slow down, let alone reverse, the rate of climate change and its adverse effects on the environment as a whole. For enterprises looking to add meaning to their value creation, regenerative business has never been more necessary.

“Nature loss is a planetary emergency. Humanity has already wiped out 83% of wild mammals and half of all plants and severely altered three-quarters for ice-free land and two-third of marine environments. […] Nature loss matters for most businesses – through impacts on operations, supply chains, and markets.”

This extract comes from The World Economic Forum report, published in January 2020, a few months before the Covid-19 pandemic hit our interconnected communities, shook our global economies and threatened our health, the way we live and work on a daily basis

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Christelle Vigot

Christelle Vigot

Business transformation & value creation

Christelle believes that families have to adapt if they are to safeguard their legacy, the performance of their business – as well as the planet. Strategy, empathy, and transversal creativity are fundamental in a shifting and complex world.

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