Sun Tzu’s four lessons for protecting real estate assets during a pandemic

Sun Tzu’s 'The Art of War' has inspired military commanders from around the world to succeed in battle, since being written some 2,500 years ago by the master tactician and philosopher. How can we apply his learnings to the “battle” we face today, as we defend and prepare our real estate portfolios for the continuing onslaught of the pandemic, and help to mitigate the risks that will ensue?
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Investments Updated on January 16, 2024

Today Sun Tzu’s writings are applied as lessons on how firms can navigate change and succeed in the market economy, or even be used by people to get ahead at work & navigate office politics. As we confront the “battle” we find ourselves in today with the COVID pandemic, how can we use these learnings and tactical insights to prepare our real estate portfolios for the ongoing market uncertainty and volatility? A family office’s property portfolio cannot afford to take a ”wait & see” approach, to sit on the sidelines, as the pandemic convulses the real estate markets.

Let us relate the lessons drawn from the artist of war, combining his wisdom, strategic and tactical guidance, with the experiences gained from navigating the previous real estate market shocks, recessions, and crashes that have impacted real estate in recent decades. What can the master tactician teach us about mitigating risks in a property portfolio, and how we can convert these threats and weaknesses into opportunities and strengths.

4 lessons drawn from Sun Tzu’s writings that will provide the necessary steps family offices and property investors will need to heed, to mitigate risks to their real estate assets during the turbulent COVID-19 market environment;

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