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Visibility and insight are essential for family offices working with real estate holdings. I provide a safe route for families looking to explore the Caribbean real estate markets.
john redfern

John Redfern MRICS passion for real estate arose while studying at the London School of Economics, where he was drawn to the tangible and relatable nature of the built environment, with its interaction & connectivity to his studies in finance & management accounting.

Based in the Caribbean, John is in a unique position to draw on his background at leading European property consultancies such as Jones Land LaSalle, and Big 4 accounting advisory practices such as Ernst & Young. Most recently he has acted as a real estate appraisal expert for one of the largest corporate banks in the Caribbean, CIBC FirstCaribbean. John provides families and individuals of wealth with counseling on property investment & development decisions in the frontier and emerging markets of the Northern LATAM and Caribbean Region.

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Sun Tzu’s lessons for protecting real estate assets during a pandemic
Sun Tzu’s lessons for protecting real estate assets during a pandemic

Sun Tzu’s 'The Art of War' has inspired military commanders from around the world to succeed in battle, since being written some 2,500 years ago by the master tactician and philosopher. How can we apply his learnings to the “battle” we face today, as we defend and prepare our real estate portfolios for the continuing onslaught of the pandemic, and help to mitigate the risks that will ensue?

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