Organization & Operations

Managing wealth is more than just investing. Good wealth management requires both the act of placing capital and that of actively managing those investments. Through professionalizing organizational structures and operational processes, family offices are able to ensure longer-term success.
Organization and Operations

Investment decisions still remain to be the number one discussion point for many newly-established family offices. From specific financial requirements to decisions over whether an analyst is needed, investment decisions take up the majority of time and energy. It is almost commonplace for a billion euro investment organization to be run by just three people.

After a liquidity event, private wealth owners can spend several years trying to figure out how to structure their investment operations. There are many important considerations on the operational and organizational front, especially if family offices are trying to build in-house capability for managing family office direct investments. New multi-family offices similarly have an increased focus on operations, as they seek to design their offering to best meet the market.

Finding a way to professionalize organizational structures and operational processes is crucial to a family office’s long-term success and impact. We help family offices to decide how the organization should be structured, in which markets they should operate, what services should be supplied, and how. We further support the establishment of operational processes, from financial reporting to the establishment of KPIs and OKRs, to the internal communication between wealth owners and departments. Through professionalizing operations which are agile and resilient, we enable family offices to be future fit.

Our operations experts

Nike Anani

Nike Anani


Building generational bridges in family enterprises to ensure future-focused organisations that leave a lasting legacy.

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Kyle Zeno Macdonald

Kyle Zeno Macdonald


For the next generation to develop resilient legacies it will require a shift towards: sustainability, innovation and systemic compassion.

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Organization and Operations

The establishment of single family offices have grown by 41% since 2017.

The Global Family Office Report 2019, UBS & Campden Wealth

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