Health & Wellbeing
Health and wellbeing for body and mind are fast becoming a key consideration for business. With the division between home and work increasingly diminishing, there is a question over what the future of employee wellbeing will look like. How can family offices adapt to meet this reality?
Health and Wellbeing

Whereas in the past ‘home-life’ and ‘work-life’ were understood as separate worlds, today that is not the case. With increased digital connectedness and the rise of working from home, ‘home-life’ and ‘work-life’ today are inextricably linked. Business today must safeguard people as much it does profit, and ensure that employee wellbeing is considered in decision making processes. With statistics as high as 83% of workers suffering from work-related stress in the United States, awareness is rising on the prevalence of mental as well as physical health.

Whilst employee wellbeing has been a part of business environments for decades now, since the mid-2000’s a new set of solutions focussed on motivation and behaviour have been circulating. By understanding employee wellbeing as affected by stress, sleep, job satisfaction and financial health, employers were able to see an employee as a ‘whole person’. Rather than focusing on one isolated element, they could take a holistic approach to improving wellbeing. What’s more, organisations who prioritise employee well-being experienced more engagement and as a result soaring profits and stock prices.

We guide families through these best-practices for implementing authentic employee wellbeing initiatives and give them the tools needed to measure this engagement over time. Through a focus on purpose, we help families align their employees under a vision and create an environment where they feel emotionally and mentally fulfilled.

Our Health & Wellness advisors

Ronnie Stangler

Ronnie Stangler

New York City

Ronnie S. Stangler, M.D., is a physician and board-certified psychiatrist, based in New York City.

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Mental Health and Wealth

Companies with high well-being scores outperformed the 500 largest U.S companies listed on the S&P 500 index by 235% over a six-year period

American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (2016)

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