Impact Investing

Each action we take has an impact. Positive and negative. Intended or not. The impact zeitgeist is based upon this singular principle. Understand this - and ensure it's aligned with your intentions.

Family offices and private wealth owners are in a unique position to have a positive impact on the world through both their capital and historic focus on values. Based on their existing identity and cultural legacy, family offices are best placed to look inwards and ask ‘who are we, and what do we stand for?’.

Defining a family’s purpose beyond financial metrics is the single most powerful edit point for strategic decision making. When leveraged effectively, purpose is not only a powerful unifier in aligning family members but also a key differentiator in an increasingly saturated market. As family office impact investments steadily move into the mainstream, we help family offices and private wealth owners make sense of this emerging zeitgeist. There is no single definition of ‘impact’, nor should there be. We start by aligning your existing investment strategies to industry best-practice, whilst allowing room for you to define your own impact strategy.

Moving into impact investments requires both a shift in mindset and operational processes. We guide families and wealth owners through this process: from defining their assets and purpose, to developing and implementing purpose statements and investment strategies, to ultimately measuring their impact investing success.

The result? More value-aligned investments whilst still generating market-related returns, increased engagement with next-generation investors, and a better understanding of how to navigate non-financial factors in the decision-making process.

Our Impact advisors

Jen van der Meer

Jen van der Meer

New York City

Jen van der Meer is a business model designer, professor, and former tech equity analyst on Wall Street.

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Kyle Zeno Macdonald

Kyle Zeno Macdonald


For the next generation to develop resilient legacies it will require a shift towards: sustainability, innovation and systemic compassion.

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Strategic Insights

The size of the impact investing market is estimated to be $715 billion.

Pulse of the Profession Report (2018,) Project Management Institute

The size of the impact investing market is estimated to be $715 billion.

Sizing the Impact Invest Market (2017), Global Impact Investing Network

Valued at more than half a trillion dollars, the global impact investment market has been estimated to be one of the fastest-growing areas of asset management. Once regarded as a fringe concept, impact investing is evolving into a diverse and intricate investment ecosystem.

With the pressure on to deliver results today, how do you cut through the noise to deliver long-term value tomorrow?

Some of the companies we work with.

Impact Management Project
Nordic Impact Investing Network

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