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New Electric Vehicles

Is investing in electric vehicles really a good business decision?


Why have combustion engines become so unpopular, and why do we all think that electric vehicles are the future? Is it possible that this trend has been created by regulators who have been pushed into a one-way street as a consequence of global warming issues?

cyclical business

From linear to cyclical business: how to lead in a complex post-Covid world.


To cope with an uncertain and volatile world, visionary leadership is key to developing future-proofed businesses. Moving beyond a linear business model to a more cyclical one is a powerful tool that can lead to resilient businesses able to weather any storm.

inclusive family business

The case for interdependence in a family business


Interdependence, where there is mutual reliance on other family members, signifies that there is an inclusive mindset with a clear understanding of the family's shared purpose, vision and mission. It is often also what sets a family business apart from other organisations.

late stage venture

Late-stage venture investing: running with unicorns and tigers


As many of the world’s fastest-growing companies are waiting longer to go public, late-stage venture investing is having a whirlpool effect on private markets, drawing in traditional public markets investors, private equity firms and early-stage venture capitalists. Brendan Murphy double clicks on why family offices should also be thinking about investing in late-stage ventures.

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