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family office venture capital

Are family offices starting to eat VCs’ lunch?


With companies staying private longer and the number of listed companies decreasing, family offices are turning their interest towards venture capital, compelled by the investment opportunities in innovative technologies and new business models. So how will this increased influence from family offices affect an already shifting venture ecosystem?

managing family inheritance

A new inheritance mindset that reveals more value to heirs


Some of the greatest wealth transfers are currently happening through inheritance. By viewing the concept of inheritance out of the money-asset-property framework, inheritors are able to gain a whole new wealth landscape, revealing a wider understanding of its value potential.

family office network

The irreplaceable aspect of trust and network in the family office space


While the increasing presence of technology has made some things significantly easier, there are still some aspects of operations that benefit from a human element, especially when dealing with families of a more traditional background. In these instances, here's how to marry technology with the classical handshake-based business model that these family offices are comfortably accustomed to.

family office strategy

A family office strategy for navigating the new normal


The second year of a pandemic has meant shifting from survival mode to re-establishing a new business strategy. By putting stronger systems in place, identifying and rectifying weak points, and confidently moving the business into the digital age, one expert shares how family offices can make the most of the turbulence of the past two years.

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