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good family governance

The philosophy and principles of family governance


A successful family is measured by more than its wealth. Following three simple guiding principles for good family governance can lead to a well-run, healthy and responsible system.

neuroeconomics for the family office

Introduction to neuroeconomics for the family office: a toolkit for success

Mental health

We all want to be able to make more empowered choices to live the life we want. Yet, the more choice power we have, the more vulnerable we become to their effects on our lives and happiness. For family offices making high-stake decisions, senior leadership should be encouraged to increase humility about what they think is best. The research of neuroeconomics is thus crucial to both protect them from being bitten by their success and drive and to keep them on a path that balances happiness and success distinctions.

owner strategy

The ownership advantage


The role of an owner in a family enterprise has shifted from that of previous years but remains key in transgenerational wealth creation. While operational involvement in a family business has declined in some cases, there's been an increase in active ownership roles collaborating with external executives. For a family business to continue to be its best, so too must the owners be the best they can be. Developing a routine for an owner strategy can help guarantee the best owner, or steward, of its business legacy from generation to generation.

neuroplasticity and change

The science of neuroplasticity and change

Mental health

The ability to effect change is essential for individuals, families and their enterprises to thrive. We all know that change is difficult – but why is it so difficult? To answer that question, we need to understand more about the science of neuroplasticity and how the human brain works.

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