Ben Wiener

The speed at which the digital asset market is about to move and the impact it will have will resemble what we witnessed with the internet. Building partnerships with experienced advisors can provide valuable insights and help navigate this evolving landscape effectively.
Ben Wiener

Ben Wiener is the Founder and CEO of Benaiah Co., a family of service companies in the digital asset and blockchain space headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Included in the family are Benaiah Capital, a boutique investment firm that manages hedge funds and custom portfolios, and Benaiah Custody Solutions, a Qualified Custodial Brokerage for digital assets.

Ben is one of the founding members of the South Dakota Blockchain Institute, which works with many different state branches to help best position South Dakota for success.

Guided by strong values and an entrepreneurial mindset, Ben’s experience with digital assets and his knowledge of the South Dakota trust laws positions him well to support and serve Benaiah’s family office clients.

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