PassportCard provides a range of health insurance options to suit various needs. With the innovative PassportCard feature, individuals can avoid out-of-pocket expenses at medical facilities such as doctors’ offices, pharmacies, and hospitals. Users can simply contact PassportCard through the app or by phone prior to a medical visit, and funds will be directly loaded onto their PassportCard for immediate use.

PassportCard offers immediate reimbursement for medical expenses, eliminating the need for paperwork or reimbursement delays.

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PassportCard: Cared for
like you’re at home
Eithan Wolf


PassportCard offers a range of products designed to meet the needs of various groups, including individuals, families, and businesses. The company's expat international health insurance plans aim to provide medical coverage and peace of mind. Customers have the option to choose from three different plans, each with varying levels of coverage to suit individual medical needs. PassportCard takes care of the rest once a plan is selected. Additionally, the company provides specialized group offerings for employers who have employees relocating abroad.

Main Tasks

  • International private health insurance
  • Life and Disability

Top features

  • Debit Card Functionality for Seamless Medical Payments
  • Wide Range of Covered Services, including doctor visits, prescriptions, tests, and ER visits
  • Provider Flexibility: Accepted wherever Mastercard is
  • Eliminates Out-of-Pocket Expenses
  • Streamlined Reimbursement: Load funds and pay medical bills

Mobile App




Regulated by

The respective insurer is regulated by the responsible regulating authority in France.


  • For our best level of cover and extended benefits
  • Extensive inpatient and outpatient coverage
  • Hospital accommodation and boarding in a private room
  • Cancer treatments
  • Bone marrow and organ transplants
  • Office visits and check-ups
  • Maternity and newborn care
  • Emergency/accidental dental treatment
  • Comprehensive therapy and psychotherapy services
  • Extensive wellness services
  • Hearing and vision appliances
  • Various therapy treatments, such as acupuncture, psychiatric, and more
  • Childcare and dog sitter during hospitalization


  • If you seek peace of mind, in your medical situation. Plan Highlights
  • Emergency/accidental dental treatment
  • Inpatient and certain outpatient prescription medications
  • Maternity and newborn care
  • Office visits and check-ups
  • Cancer treatments
  • Hospital accommodation and boarding in a semi-private room
  • Various therapy treatments, such as acupuncture, psychiatric, and more
  • Childcare and dog sitter during hospitalization


If you only need the basics such as
hospitalization & inpatient care with limited outpatient care.
Plan Highlights
Pain relief dental treatments
Medicines and drugs for outpatient (limited)
Cancer treatments
Semi-private hospital accommodation and boarding
Outpatient physician consultations including specialists (limited)
Various therapy treatments, such as acupuncture, psychiatric and more
Childcare and dog sitter during hospitalization

Key Company Information

PassportCard is a global specialist in the field of international private health insurance. They primarily focus on serving German specialists and executives with international requirements. Offering high-quality health insurance solutions, they provide real-time support to their customers. They have garnered numerous awards for their unique offerings and services, building a relationship of mutual trust with their clientele.






Hamburg, Berlin

Top 5 Markets

United Arab Emirates, Spain, Cyprus, Thailand, Portugal


Owned by a larger corporation



Secondary focus

Individual wealth owners
Single family offices
Multi-family offices
Investment & Financial Advisors (RIAs/IFAs)
Fund managers
Funds of funds
Exchange platforms
Software and technology providers

We can disclose only after approval with the above-mentioned companies.

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