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Today, the only constant change. In an ever-changing and at times volatile world, how can investors anticipate future trends? By scanning and monitoring for early signals, it is possible to anticipate what might be next around the corner.
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The survival of every company is dependent on their ability to remain competitive and relevant within an ever-evolving marketplace. New ideas are needed to satisfy the changing demands of consumers. Too often these ideas are not based on research, nor validated with the customer. Ideas are only as strong as the insights upon which they are built. But where do these insights come from? And how?

For foresight and trend analysis, an exploratory research approach is key. By nature of it being future trends, we do not know what we do not know. There has been room for the unexpected to arise within the research process. Supplementing this discovery approach with secondary research, such as reports published by governmental bodies and businesses associations allows the open-ended discovery to be placed in it’s relevant frame of reference. For family offices, harvesting insights in this manner is fruitful from both an organisational and investment point of view.

Investing by nature is a forward-looking operation, where capital has the power to create the world in which we live tomorrow. We help family offices realise this potential by incorporating a futurist approach to foresight and strategy within their toolbox. It is this toolbox and approach upon which both short and long term strategies can be grounded.

Our design experts

Bijan Farsijani

Bijan Farsijani


Bijan’s motivation for his work is helping the next generation of wealth to manage assets more sustainably.

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Nicolas Arroyo

Nicolas Arroyo


Nicolas is Co-Founder & Foresight Director at a Futures Studies and Experience Design firm. His background is in architecture and visual arts and he also holds a degree in Change Leadership & Business Design from Kaospilots University.

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Rune Toldam

Rune Toldam


Rune is Co-Founder, Partner & Creative Director of a Futures Studies and Experience Design firm in Copenhagen.

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Combining historical company knowledge with research on the future landscape

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Companies with foresight stay ahead of the curve
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