Strategy is no longer a standalone department nor discipline, but an integrated part of business. How can family offices move beyond financial strategies towards organizational strategies that are purpose-driven, agile and resilient to change?

Investment and financial strategies are often seen as the lynchpin of operations within the family office. Yet strategy should not be limited to financial operations. Many other functional departments can too benefit from strategic direction and planning.

Traditional frameworks such as defining ‘vision’ and ‘mission’ have paved the way for exploring how strategy can create more dynamic business environments. However, as the world and business have changed drastically over the last 50 years there is a need for new theories, approaches, and frameworks that are even more dynamic, resilient, and adaptive to change.

New-age strategic frameworks are inclusive of non-financial factors such as ‘purpose’, ‘values’ and ‘agility’. We onboard families to this new way of thinking by exploring which approaches (or combination of approaches) might work best for them. We then take a holistic view and upgrade existing strategies to encompass this focus on ‘soft’ as well as ‘hard’ assets. When internal processes and approaches are re-engineered in this way, the value can be transformed from inside-out.

Our Strategy experts

Francois Botha

Francois Botha


Francois believes that the next generation of family leaders need new, simple tools and trusted experts with a fresh outlook.

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Strategic Insights

Nearly 1 in 4 of the highest performing companies use agile strategy or hybrid strategic approaches.

Pulse of the Profession Report (2018,) Project Management Institute

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