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Kyle Zeno Macdonald

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Kyle maximises the strategic potential of mission-driven family offices. Leveraging his 10 years of experience in heading up operations for Single Family Offices’ across London, US, Europe and the Middle East, he is adept at crafting
clarity and transforming teams. Having worked within start-ups as well as set up family offices, he is uniquely
positioned at the intersection between the private market, luxury sector and the start-up ecosystem in order to support UNHWIs carve out agile and resilient legacies.

He has become a specialist at advising founders seeking to deliver impact through sustainability, technology and social innovation. Recent application of his commercial toolkit include strategic projects for likes of British Airways, CERN and

Kyle holds a joint Master’s Degree in Service Design from the Royal College of Art
and Imperial College Business School, and also studied Art Business at Sotheby’s.

Region: Europe

Based in: London, England

Focus: Service Design, Strategic Transformation, Supplier and Lifestyle Advisory.

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For the next generation to develop resilient legacies it will require a shift towards:
sustainability, innovation and systemic compassion.


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