Compensation for family office staff: The complexities and considerations affecting staff salaries
As the family office sector matures, staffing discussions continue to take centre stage. Deciding on staff compensation and salaries is complex and nuanced, amplified by a lack of industry benchmarks. Dynamics of single and multi-family setups, investment attributes, and investor roles further complicate the matter. Here, we explore the various aspects of family office compensation, breaking it down into four key sections.
family office compensation

What you need to know

  • Discussions surrounding salaries and compensation are complicated, made even more so by the absence of benchmarks.
  • Building effective family office compensation requires an understanding of investor dynamics, market performance, and personalised approaches.
  • There are several tailored compensation a family office can employ, such as prioritising salaries, equity participation and discretionary bonuses
Operations Updated on January 16, 2024

As the family office industry continues to mature and formalise, the discussion around staffing has become even more vital. As one of the consistent costs in a family office, compensation is a nuanced and multifaceted subject – made even more complex by the lack of industry benchmarking. The dynamics of single and multi-family offices, the nature of underlying investments, and the role of investors all add to the complexity of designing appropriate and effective compensation packages for family office staff. Here, we explore the various aspects of family office compensation, breaking it down into four key sections.

Understanding the Role of Investors and Market Dynamics in family office compensation

In the ever-evolving world of family offices, understanding the interplay of investors and market dynamics is the first step to designing effective compensation structures.

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Jason Pinkham

Jason Pinkham

Partner & Strategic Advisor

Jason is the CEO and President of Goose Rocks Wealth, where he works with ultra-affluent families to help them understand the family office space in the United States and ultimately identify one that best suits the families' particular needs.

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