Opportunities & obstacles for African family offices

Africa marches to her own rhythm. Besides her unrivalled natural beauty, the continent is blessed with numerous natural resources and knowledge power. Despite these riches, even the wealthiest African cities are home to the greatest numbers of people living in poverty worldwide. The emergence of a healthy Family Office ecosystem remains lacklustre.
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Jurisdictions Updated on October 21, 2022

It is said that Africa marches to the rhythm of her own drum. She doesn’t necessarily follow typical global trends and when she does, it happens over time and at her own pace. As the world’s second largest continent out of seven after Asia, she covers 20% of the Earth’s total land area and is home to 16% of its population. She is blessed with numerous natural resources ranging from precious gems and metals to raw oil and petroleum reserves as well as unrivaled agricultural land, yet she remains an interesting and ambiguous dichotomy of extreme financial wealth and poverty with a somewhat sedentary middle emerging market. Despite these riches, she accounts for a pitiful 1% of total worldwide wealth.

Almost all of her 54 countries remain wracked by inequality fueled , it would seem, by ongoing territorial and tribal warring, chronic illness, poor sustainable food security measures, the inability to overcome a history of common wealth invasion, lackluster financial governance and management as well as insurmountable global financial deficits. With the ongoing messaging of the emergence of the African Renaissance, which was coined as long ago as 1946, she remains a land filled with potential yet wracked by poverty.

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