It's time for family offices to start aligning investments to a greater purpose – here's how to do it.
For family offices, aligning investments to a greater purpose has never been more critical. In the current tough economic times, these investments need people who understand their values. We explore why aligning investments to values affords investors a longer-term view, making them a better longer-term fit.
why purpose led investments require long term thinking
Impact Updated on October 21, 2022

2020 was a monumental year full of uncertainty and fluctuation, which left no doubt that the global business landscape, as we know it, is forever changed. Mindsets, economic, political, and social, have all shifted dramatically and it is clear that maintaining the status quo is no longer a viable option. Businesses and the people who run them had to re-evaluate their priorities and devise new strategies in almost every area. Now, a year on, the stage has been set for purpose-led investments to become the norm. Aside from the COVID-19 global pandemic, there were civil rights protests breaking out across the US, and an Arctic Circle oil spill that led  Europe and Russia to declare a state of emergency. There is no denying things have changed.

For family offices, focusing on purpose-led investments is more relevant than it’s ever been. In the current tough economic times, investments that require follow-on funding rounds need investors who are well-aligned to these investments. Aligning investments to values affords investors a longer-term view, making them a better longer-term fit, qualities that are often sorely lacking in the investment landscape.

To keep up, we all have to separate the long-term signal from the short-term noise — to prepare not just for where the world is today, but where it’s going. So how can we effectively strategize for the long-term? And, just as importantly, how can we gain our stakeholders’ support? Here are three key actions for business leaders to consider.

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