How family office reports can meet decision-making needs
We live in an age where data and insights can help drive many decisions. Currently, for investors, those decisions could relate to geopolitical shifts, a potential recession looming or new asset classes coming online.
Operations Updated on October 14, 2022

There are various family office-focused reports released annually, or on an ad-hoc basis, that help industry professionals identify emerging trends in the market or simply serve as a benchmarking tool for industry standards.

At Simple, we are aware of how challenging it has previously been to know what other players are doing in the family office space, which can make it more difficult to include external perspectives when making decisions. This was one of the reasons we have begun releasing our annual reports – to address this and help bridge the gap between decision-making and knowledge. We also refer to family office reports from other industry leaders, because the strength of this industry relies on the expertise and viewpoints of various resources.

We’re rounding up our collection of reviews, as well as the reports we look out for every year.

Family Office Software Review 2021

The Simple 2021 software review is designed to guide family offices in their decision-making process. The diversity and range of organisations and structures create distinct needs and family office technology providers design products to meet these specific requirements within this market. The report puts users first by discussing use cases identified in our research before diving into the software categories looking to meet the needs of each segment.

Find the review here.

Family Office Impact Investing Review 2022

This review surveys the impact investing landscape from a family office perspective. Family offices take many different approaches to their impact investments. They also connect to the broader impact ecosystem at different points depending on their internal expertise and capacity. After covering the major stakeholders and locating family offices among them, this review explores the variety of approaches to impact investing through brief case studies.

Find the review here.

Family Office Cryptocurrency Review 2022

Cryptocurrencies and other digital assets have dramatically rushed into the mainstream in recent years. Family offices, like institutional investors, have distinct needs when considering gaining exposure to digital assets. The evolving regulatory environment, volatility, and unique characteristics of this new asset class require careful consideration and risk management. The 2022 cryptocurrency review charts the landscape of this asset class and service providers from the perspective of family offices.

Find the review here.

Family Office Banking Review 2022

Banking remains as fundamental a part of family office operations today as it was for prior generations, except with new contours and opportunities. Challenging macroeconomic conditions and disruptive market forces combine to pressure family offices to adapt their strategies across the range of their assets and operations. In this review, we’re examining the key factors to understanding family office needs and the current state of their relationship with their banking providers.

Find the review here.

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We are not the only players in the field researching the family office space. The following are some of the other leading industry reports.

Citi Family Office Survey

The Citi Private Capital Group released their annual iteration of the Family Offices Survey report. The survey was conducted as part of their 6th Annual Family Office Leadership Program, conducted in June 2021. The survey was aimed at identifying the emerging trends in high pace financial markets, the global economy, and portfolio management.

Find Citi’s survey here.

Global Family Office Report 2022

The 2022 edition of the annual Global Family Office Report by the UBS group covered a sample size of 221 of the world’s largest single family offices. Among other things, the report explores asset allocation & portfolio construction, private equity, sustainable & impact investing or digital assets.

Find the UBS report here.

Considerations For Single Family Office Compensation

The latest report by Morgan Stanley benchmarks the importance of competitive compensation for single family offices. The report takes a deep dive into industry standards for the various pay structures for talent acquisition and retention in the financial sector ranging from upper-level investment analysts to executive assistants. The key findings include the differences in executive salaries in the different regions, the value of incentive-based compensation, and gender inclusivity among the respondent family offices.

Find the report here.

Investing in Venture Capital 2021-2022

First released in 2020, the annual Investing in Venture Capital has become the go-to resource for mature and early-stage family offices that wish to benchmark their activities or commence on their venture capital investment journey. The latest report was released in January 2022 and drew responses from 139 ultra-high-net-worth families and family offices with experience in venture investing. The publication includes the recent performance of family offices with venture and ESG portfolios, and direct and co-direct strategies.

Find the report here.

Global Family Office Compensation Benchmark Report

With data collected prior to the pandemic, this report highlights global trends in compensation in the family office industry. It includes primary data from Agreus’ internal database of over 1200 family offices and secondary data from a survey of 671 Family Office professionals. The report focuses on the hierarchy of CEOs, gender inclusivity, and staff salaries.

Find the report here.

Shifting Horizons: Insights Into How Family Offices Are Responding to Rapid Economic and Social Change

In its first family office report, the BNY Mellon Wealth Management group explores the response of 200 family offices towards the recent socio-economic changes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey draws results on the interest of respondent family offices towards philanthropic investments, next-generation and succession planning, and crypto investments. It also explores the private banking services offered by the respondents to their clients and the awareness of family offices towards the recently proposed Family Office Regulations Act of 2021.

Find BNY Mellon’s report here.

Family Office Benchmarking Study 2021

In response to the market upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Marsh Private Client Services released the Family Office Benchmarking Study 2021. The aim here was to shed light on the various risk factors that are relevant to the operations of family offices and what mitigation and insurance planning strategies can be employed for the same. The report lists risks, personal liability, and natural disasters as chief areas of concern for clients while establishing minimum standards of family insurance programs for the risk factors mentioned.

Find the report here.

How single family offices are balancing tradition and transformation

Through engagement with more than 250 world’s leading single family offices, this report from EY maps out how their strategic roles and priorities evolve in today’s high-pressure and fast changing environment. It provides insights into regulation, technology, risk and governance, and introduces profound opportunities and new risks for families and their interests around the world created by emerging technologies .

These annual benchmarking reports ensure that family offices operate at their highest levels of professionalism and efficiency as they oversee millions of dollars worth of assets belonging to their ultra-high-net-worth clients. These reports also map out emerging trends in the market so family offices can stay ahead of the curve and anticipate the next big thing to come and adapt their portfolios as needed.

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