Eternal quest: Humanity's age-old pursuit of health and longevity

Many UHNW families are increasingly prioritising health and longevity. Beyond having physicians on speed dial, bio-hacking, wearables, and medical diagnostics are shaping the future of healthcare. In this insight, Simple Expert Tim Daum takes a deeper look into the booming health industry and tailored medical solutions for UHNW families.
health and longevity for UHNW longevity

What you need to know

  • The desire to achieve eternal youth and enhanced health has captivated humanity for centuries, reflecting our deep-rooted quest for longevity.
  • For UHNW families, health and longevity are not only personal goals but present new investment opportunities that promise high returns.
  • Today, UHNW families can optimise their health by turning to concierge medicine tailored to their exact needs to match their lifestyle.
Health & Longevity Published on Simple May 7, 2024

The pursuit of health and youthfulness is as old as time. It is the theme of many Hollywood blockbusters and has been the obsession of kings and powerful elites throughout all of human history. Whether it’s the fountain of youth or the holy grail that would offer healing, beauty, or eternal life, our society is on a perpetual quest to enhance itself and extend life. Who wouldn’t want to live to 120 or even 150, right? Then again, the world’s philosophers will have us believe that the spice of life lies in the fact that our time on earth is finite and may end at any moment.

Seeking the perfect solution

The feeling of safety and tranquillity is particularly elusive since we live in an era that is becoming ever more uncertain with pandemics, diseases, wars and natural disasters. As a collective, we seek to find some peace of mind in securing our own health and longevity in the best way we can.

On the backend of a multi-month deep dive into the world of global healthcare services, with the intent to tailor a perfect medical solution for UHNW families, it is fascinating to see how many nuances need to be considered. It all starts with verified information about travel safety and reliable emergency rescue solutions and goes all the way to the best diagnostics and treatment solutions, be it in Switzerland or elsewhere around the globe.

The booming health industry

Health, in all its aspects, has been a booming business since the dawn of the 20th century. As family officers or private investors know many smart portfolios have positions in insurance companies, healthcare providers as well as the pharmaceuticals industry. These companies turn a handsome profit, and because of the way our world works, such investments are relatively safe and solid long-term bets, but there’s no more double or triple-digit growth in these sectors. For that, one must look beyond!

Outside the scope of traditional healthcare, there are other ways of investing in healthcare which promise to yield greater returns. Such opportunities are found in biotech or DNA research by companies seeking patentable breakthroughs in medical science. The subject of AI and robotics is yet another interesting field that will yield even greater returns over the coming decades as the industry strives to become ever more efficient and eliminate human error. A small percentage of global investors have already identified this sector as promising and are seeing their predictions confirmed in present times.

Advances in health-tech

What is also tangible are the advances in the field of biohacking, such as innovations with food supplements, giving the body the right “building blocks” to become the best version of itself or the ideas of cryotherapy or cold shock therapy that stimulate the body to rebuild and rejuvenate. The scientific community has now confirmed a lot of these advances and techniques, and they are becoming more widely accepted.

Another great example is the advances in the health tech industry, especially with wearable technology that gives the user important insight into their health and fitness or can track glucose and other vital markers in the bloodstream that are important for self-improvement or maintaining good health.

Personally, I believe that bio-hacking and health tech have a great chance of changing how our society will be able to take care of itself without heavily relying on traditional medicine and ever-recurring doctor visits.

No short cuts to longevity

Funny enough, the more we learn, the more we understand that we cannot outsmart nature, and the more we accept that it is our best bet to support and enhance how nature works, the greater our chances of living long and healthy lives.

Another important factor in today’s world is that medicine, and especially diagnostics, is more and more tailored to individuals and readily available through the bustling world of digital marketplaces. That said, it has become very complicated to navigate the countless offers of the proverbial snake oils that promise to cure all ailments, to help you lose weight or to get in shape without much effort.

In essence, innovation always brings great opportunities in terms of healthcare. There seems to be exponential change underway, which offers great results to those who have the time and resources to implement it in their daily lives. One thing remains true however, there are still no shortcuts to great health or longevity.

Health a high priority

As much as the business of health is a valuable investment from an economic perspective, it is now also at the top of the list of personal goals for most UHNW families. We have seen firsthand how things have changed over the last five years and how much the focus has shifted. Health and longevity have become a clear priority to many of our clients.

The times when these clients only had their family physician on speed dial are now over. Many are turning to concierge medicine or truly global medical solutions that are tailored to the exact needs to match their lifestyle and offer them peace of mind wherever they go.


The most important fact is that if we don’t have our health, we truly have nothing, regardless of our worldly possessions, and I think that the focus shift of UHNW families towards this topic was long overdue. We all know that “where attention goes, money flows,” and with that, we will see even greater changes in the years to come, which will make for exciting times in which we will be alive and in good health.

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