Highlights from the Milken Global Conference: Passion, Purpose, and Profit

Simple’s Strategic Content Partnerships Lead, Jimmy Otterdijks, reflects on the Milken Global Conference - as well as takeaways for next-generation family offices. The event brought together global participants, addressing a wide array of topics from longevity and philanthropy to impact investing and innovation, and underscored the shift towards sustainability and impact investing, driven by next-generation wealth owners.

What you need to know

  • The Milken Institute Global Conference is a vital event for the private wealth industry, offering diverse perspectives and fostering deep, face-to-face interactions.
  • Key themes at the conference included regional developments, particularly Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, and the increasing role of technology and AI in transforming economies.
  • Next-generation wealth owners are driving a shift towards sustainability and impact investing, aligning their strategies with global trends and innovative opportunities.
Impact Published on Simple June 4, 2024

Highlights from the Milken Global Conference: Passion, Purpose, and Profit

Attending the Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles was an experience that underscored the value of diverse perspectives in the private wealth industry.

Coming from Denmark, it’s always fascinating to see how global events can bring together individuals from a multitude of backgrounds, each contributing unique insights and ideas.

The Milken Conference is renowned for its comprehensive approach, addressing a wide array of topics from longevity and philanthropy to impact investing and innovation. It’s a holistic gathering that truly offers something for everyone, whether you’re an investor, entrepreneur, or business leader.

The panels are particularly impressive, featuring thought leaders who delve into both the pressing issues of our time and the emerging topics that we all need to consider more and more.

One of the highlights of the conference was the opportunity to engage in face-to-face discussions with people I usually only interact with online.

There’s a distinct advantage in being able to brainstorm and collaborate in person, fostering deeper connections and more robust conversations. The environment at Milken encourages this kind of interaction, making it a fertile ground for building stronger connections that lead to new and innovative business opportunities.

New Wealth Owners, New Regional Interest

Among the many panels I was fortunate to attend, a key theme that I noted was the various transformations taking place in the private wealth industry – on a personal, family, and regional level.

To cast a lens on regional developments, one particularly insightful panel focused on Vision 2030 and the transformative changes happening in the Middle East. The discussion highlighted how the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, particularly Saudi Arabia, are capitalising on global instabilities to set new trends in green transition and digital innovation.

Aligning Regional Developments With Transformative Technologies

Saudi Arabia, for instance, is at the forefront of the global green energy transition, positioning itself as a leader in this crucial sector. The country’s Vision 2030 plan is remarkably detailed, with implementation and execution strategies for every element. The recent half-board report indicated that 78% of their KPIs are either on track or closed, showcasing significant progress.

The panel also emphasised that oil is no longer the dominant driver of Saudi Arabia’s economy, with 40% now coming from non-oil sources, driven by private sector growth. Technology and AI are playing pivotal roles, with technology seen both as a vertical and an asset class of its own, and as a cross-sector enabler impacting every part of the economy.

A Mirror For Next-Generation Wealth Owners

Next-generation wealth owners, similarly, are keenly focused on sustainability and impact and deploying their capital to make meaningful changes in the world.

Saudi Arabia’s focus, in this regard, cuts a clear profile in the market – where the early part of 2024 has seen regions such as Singapore and Hong Kong tussle to attract family offices and wealth owners to take up residence. It’s this mutual alignment of passion and profit that became a clear takeaway from the conference itself.

Next-Generation Wealth Owners Lead The Charge

To that point, the next generation of family offices brought a fresh perspective a noted interest in sustainable and impact investing at the conference itself.

These young leaders are not only focused on preserving wealth, but also on leveraging it to drive positive change; they are enthusiastic for integrating technology and innovative investment strategies into their family legacies, underscoring a shift towards more dynamic and forward-thinking management within the private wealth sector.

As wealth becomes ever more global, a key theme we’re likely to see is the alignment between wealth owners and regions, jurisdictions, or even nations that can harness capital for positive change.

Synergies Between Regions And Family Offices

In this view, it was fascinating to note the alignment that next-generation family offices leverage thanks to their interest in tech and AI, and how this aligns seamlessly with goals such as Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. Wealth owners recognise the potential of these technologies to transform industries and generate new opportunities, mirroring Saudi Arabia’s strategic focus on becoming a global tech and innovation hub.

Events, such as the Milken Conference, are fertile grounds where we’re likely to see many of the same trends and themes that we discuss online take shape in reality.

To Sum It Up

In conclusion, the Milken Institute Global Conference is more than just a series of discussions – it’s a confluence of ideas, innovation, and inspiration – with its apex at the intersection of passion, purpose, and profit. For anyone involved in the private wealth sector, it offers invaluable opportunities to learn, network, and grow. I left the conference with new connections, inspiration and tons of ideas.

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