Is investing in electric vehicles actually a good idea?

Electric vehicles and their purported benefits are having a moment. But are they everything they're cracked up to? We're looking at their pros and cons and exploring the realities of driving these next-generation vehicles.
Electric Vehicles

What you need to know

  • Electric vehicles, though they might seem like they come from the future, are in fact nothing new having been around since the industrial revolution.
  • While their benefits purportedly scream green, they often come with the hidden cost of ownership.
  • Their production process poses a big challenge for the automotive industry that now clearly needs to change its business model.
  • Overall, an electric vehicle isn’t as green as you might believe and with EV technology is changing so quickly, these vehicles might not be everything they’re cracked up to be.
Innovation Updated on October 21, 2022

Electric vehicles are the trend du jour, as far as media coverage is concerned. We see them on the streets, we hear about them on TV, we read about them every day in newspapers, car magazines, social media and we talk about them while chatting with friends and family. The accounting departments of corporations like Pepsico, Kraft, Nestle and all others whose core business depends on moving sales reps from Client A to Client B are hard at work, trying to calculate the pros and cons of purchasing the next-gen fleet cars based on fully electric engines.

The rise and fall of the original electric vehicles

Why have combustion engines fallen out of favour, and why do we all think that electric vehicles are the future? Is it possible that this trend has been created by regulators who have been pushed into a one-way street as a consequence of global warming issues?

Historically the first moving automobiles were powered by steam engines. Obviously due to the weight and complexity of the system, (first heat the water for 45 minutes then use pressure valves to create momentum) engineers in the mid-19th century began looking for other apparatus that would allow swift and effective movement.

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